Sunday, February 5, 2012

Blog Posts I Liked Recently

These days, I'm reading a LOT of blogs I like. Used to be in the past that if I liked a blog post, I'd share it by posting it on Facebook... but more and more I'm finding that there are just so many, and I feel like I'm bombarding my poor Facebook friends with links to all my favorite entries. But some of them are just... so good. So I'm going to keep sharing some of them on FB... but I'm also going to link my favorites here every month, both the ones that I shared elsewhere and the ones that didn't quite make it.

Not Posted on Facebook:

Consent Culture, at The Pervocracy. This one didn't end up getting linked because a large portion of it is pretty explicitly about sex and I have a lot of younger kids who are friends with me on Facebook (friends of siblings, mostly), but I think it's a fantastic blog, and #5 and #11 are just absolutely wonderful. I ran into some people again last night who try to hug me every time they see me, reminding me once again just how important this whole consent thing is.

I don't get it...well, I do, but I don't. at Confessions of a Former Conservative. I see these kinds of jokes all the time on my Facebook, and I think it is hilarious how badly they fail as jokes. It's like when someone tells a really horrific pun and then looks super proud of themselves.

Five women who changed God's rules at Slacktivist. This was a Bible passage I know I'd read before but never really paid attention to... but I really like this take on it. Another story that shows that God is more flexible than we give him credit for.

In Defense of a Christian Woman's Identity... at Jesus Needs New PR. I hear offshoots of this viewpoint a lot, and it bothers me. I shouldn't be finding my identity in my significant other, or my hypothetical children, or my family, or my church... I should be finding my identity in God and me. If my identity is just supposed to end up rearranging for someone else, I wouldn't have spent all this time figuring out who I was in the first place.

Posted on Facebook:

Why the Church Needs to Shut Up and Listen... (A Guest Post) at Jesus Needs New PR. I love this blog post. I agree with all of it. The church in America is not a safe place for hurting people, and that breaks me. We should not be failing so miserably at something so important.

They Were Right (And Wrong) About the Slippery Slope by Rachel Held Evans. As I've grown older, I've learned the answers are not quite as black and white as I used to think (there's a blog post on that showing up in the near future) and I love how she captures this. I don't agree with all of her stances, but I connect with her experience.

The Rise of the New Groupthink by Susan Cain at The New York Times. I love, love, love Susan Cain's blog and want to buy her new book as soon as I can. This article is all about introversion and extroversion in regards to creativity. It's especially interesting to me as I head into a career in education, where there's a big push for "social learning" and I'm not at all convinced that it's as helpful all-around as people say it is.

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