Monday, July 30, 2012

Movie Plot Translation Game

Hey! Let's play a game!

For every 100th movie on my Flickchart, I will grab the plot summary from IMDb and run it through Bad Translator, which will machine translate it all over the place (or, well, into eight different languages and back) before eventually putting back in English.. Then you get to guess what the movie is.

To help, I'll put the decade and a genre clue after the plot summary.

#100: Control of the activities of people in ownership structure and people want to be in love when she was deadly. (1980s foreign drama)
(Good luck with this one. It's not even CLOSE.)

#200: Has two children, who live in the dark old House are light sensitive women convinced that plagued the family's House. (2000s horror)

#300: Lawyer Henry survived the shoot to find he cannot remember what it is. If not enough, contains animations and Henry. No answer to life. (1990s drama)

#400: The golden age radio nostalgia is active. Normal families and different media player. (1980s comedy)

#500: In the event of a dispute between the two conductors and other restrictions: a little over-confident and relaxed, no doubt will affect their lives. (1990s drama)

#600: A man marries his mistress who took his daughter. (1990s drama, although a remake of a much better 1960s movie)

#700: Professional wrestler lost you will find new inhibitors conflict retirement and life stages. (2000s drama)

#800: When one tries to discover the dark secrets of the dysfunctional chaos in the United Kingdom for recently deceased Patriarch of the family. (2000s comedy)

#900: The Klondike gold rush, Tramp, and more lies. (1920s comedy)
(This is unfairly low on my list for this movie, which is quite good.)

#1000: There are two white women, Mohawk and despair in the world, a single mother of two smuggling of Eastern border along the St. Lawrence River. (2000s drama)
(That one is super easy if you know the movie, but I'm not sure anyone will know the movie. Heh.)

#1100: Actor on the edge of fraud and his students of the child and adolescent psychiatry years strange. (2000s... heist movie, I guess.)
(You get a more specific genre because this one is SO FAR AWAY from the original plot summary.)

#1200: Since 1912, Arthur United Kingdom, mechanical. (1940s musical romance)

#1300: If you want to change the lives of top chefs, it becomes a guardian for your child. (2000s romantic comedy)

#1400: The directors efforts to find harmony in its GUI kongdini working and personal life, because of his relationship with his wife, including the best. His love, his agent, his inspiration, his mother. (2000s musical)
(An unrecognized proper noun threw off some of the translation there...)

#1500: In the defense of the Philippines in the accounts of the torpedo during World War II, the United States the role. (1940s war movie)

#1600: Two police officers kidnapped daughter team returned. (1990s buddy cop comedy)
(Specific genre because of a terribly vague IMDb summary.)

#1701: Young Florida to Montana with his family, where he fought for the maintenance of the OWL together. (2000s family film)
(#1701 because The Emperor's New Groove 2 is at #1700 and IMDb doesn't have a plot summary for that.)

Answers will be posted next Monday.


  1. I'm guessing #1300 is No Reservations, and #200 is The Others....and #1000 is just going to bug me until I find out what that movie is called, because while I've never seen the movie, I have definitly read that plot summary before...well the normal version of that plot summary.

    1. Correct on both of those! And if you get #1000, I will be quite impressed, as I haven't run into a lot of people who have seen it.

    2. Is it called Something River....Cold River, Frozen River...something rivery? If it's the movie I'm thinking of then I'm remember it from a year or two back someone in it being nominated for the Oscars for it...

    3. You got it! Frozen River. *Nice* job! Yeah, I'm pretty sure the main girl was nominated for it.

  2. Also, I am so much fun with this translator site now!

  3. It was the best of times it was th worst of times, ended up after 35 translations as '"This is much better."....somehow I don't think that would have been as good an opening line.

    1. One of these days I'm going to do this game again on my blog, but with my favorite famous movie quotes. Those are always fun to decipher.

  4. #1701 is Hoot! My God, that's a terrible movie.

  5. In the interest of fairness, I promise I have not peeked at your Flickchart. Here are my guesses:

    #700 The Wrestler
    #900 The Gold Rush
    #1300 No Reservations or Raising Helen

    1. Correct on all three. (Well, No Reservations, that is, not Raising Helen.)

  6. #400 - Radio Days?
    #700 - The Wrestler?
    #800 - Death at a Funeral?
    #900 - The Gold Rush
    #1400 - Nine
    #1500 - They Were Expendable
    #1600 - Bad Boys?

    #1200 is annoying the crap out of me. I'm pretty sure I've seen, like, every 1940s musical comedy ever made, and that is not ringing any bells.

    1. You are on a roll! Well, except for #1600.

      I haven't run into a lot of people who have seen #1200, but I grew up with it. The given synopsis is not an easy one, but it does have at least one important key word in it.

    2. A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court?

  7. 1100 sounds like it could be 21. 900 has to be The Gold Rush. 300 could be The Sixth Sense, but I don't think there was a Henry in that one. Hmm.

    1. Your second guess is correct. I don't thinkt here was a Henry in The Sixth Sense either...

  8. 300 must be "Regarding Henry". Still mulling over some of the others.

    1. Yup! That first sentence is pretty much an accurate summation of the movie.

  9. Now I'm playing with that translator, too. You'll appreciate this one:

    "But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength. They shall rise up with wings as eagles. They shall run and not grow weary. They shall walk and not faint."

    ...8 translations later, Bing gives us:

    "But the Lord will go, how much the knives. You don't have to work, or sleep. Go, not Halo."

    1. I don't have to work or sleep! God said so!

      (My housemate chimes in that that was the Message translation.)

  10. OK, more guesses (mainly courtesy of Kate Megill)

    #1100: Matchstick Men
    #1200: Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
    #1600: Lethal Weapon

    1. #1100 and #1200 are correct. #1600 is... the OTHER buddy cop movie of the 90s, but the annoying one.