Monday, June 9, 2014

Four Silly Puns

I went looking for this last night -- turns out it was on my dad's Facebook wall -- and figured, hey, I need a blog for today, I should just post this.

So here are four silly puns all in a row, as created in a Facebook status last January:

Dad posts: From my son Nathan: If you try to destroy someone's chimney and by accident it destroys their entire house instead, then the whole building comes down with the flue.

My uncle David posts: And if you do this destruction by aiming a gun at the chimney and pulling the trigger, I suppose that would be a flue shot.

I post: And if you feel bad about it and decide to build their chimney again but just the chimney, not the whole house, and then you find that the place where you want to build it is on top of a bird's home but you build it there anyway because you're kind of a jerk, then when you finish you can point to it and say, "Ta-da! One flue over the cuckoo's nest!"

I post, a day later: And if, when you were finished building the flue, someone came to you and said that there were a bunch of cuckoos AND people trapped underneath and you should tear it down and let them out, you would have to do the right thing and destroy the flue and free them because the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the flue.

Happy Monday.

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