Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Movie Plot Translation Game

I just recently added my 1800th movie to Flickchart, so I figured it was time to do another edition of last July's Movie Plot Translation Game, in which I took every 100th movie on my Flickchart, looked up the IMDb summary, ran it through Bad Translator a couple times, and encouraged people to guess what it was. I'm sure the movies have switched up a bit in my chart, so they should all be different than last year's picks. I will give you the decade and the genre, as before, to help you figure out what they are.

This round seems much harder than the previous one in July... but we'll see how many you can guess!

#100 - The city and the romantic stories of the Spaniel Dog Buster to local conditions. (1950s children's movie)

#200 - Supporters of the film, as well as other stories, the Director of the friends and participants. (1990s biopic)

#300 - It was like a death in years later, while English teacher in Los Angeles-class. (2000s drama)

#400 - In 1925 the lawyer, the defendant, two teacher training. Young Chang. (1960s courtroomdrama)

#500 - Hengli · Shang, his fellow mafia hierarchy.(1990s crime movie)

#600 - The view from their work, and the Director of the women in the life of the material. When you're trying to do the New York metropolitan area, in the framework of the work resources. (2000s drama)

#700 - I decided to take the risk that comes with new forms of dance routine. (1990s comedy)

#800 - José Luis Santander, success, inspiration, history teachers, students learn math. (1980s drama)
That one is especially entertaining because that is NOT the character's name.

#900 - If she looked like her, leaving huge (lover. White, there is simply no other source of information), in the right place publicit publishers. Before your fears as a woman looking for a resident nature new skills. (1990s thriller)

#1000 - Save the sick son, mice, rats, enough deep relationships and helps for the establishment of the colony. (1980s children's movie)

#1100 - For example, in one day in the week flat middle-age parents and empty it every day. If you want ready many times, just to know, it is very difficult and complicated than it is. (1970s comedy/drama based on a play - probably nobody has ever seen this movie)

#1200 - At least two people in the middle ages, but for the good of décevante Californie last week, as part of a boat on. (2000s drama... it is NOT set in the middle ages)

#1300 - But very stupid two good friends. (1990s comedy)

#1400 - If the bride is 27, a young woman who, along with his brother, this time with his desire to hide her husband's idea. (2000s romantic comedy)

#1500 - Is kept and promoting gifted Spider Pig slaughter. (1970s children's movie)

#1600 - A Jockey former, a young, tired, on Mustang, but is génie de lottery. (1940s sports-y drama)

#1700 - Pour a cup of angels, ordered the Nautilus, Nemo is a mysterious wave of the war and the special nature of the men's. (1950s adventure)

#1800 - If you would like to be married in his Church gave the priest a few exhausting marriage. (2000s romantic comedy)

Leave any guesses in the comments - on Friday I will post hints for any of the unguessed ones, and then the following Monday I will reveal all the answers!


  1. Is 1000 Secrets of NIMH?

  2. Fairly random guesses.

    #100 - Lady and the Tramp

    #400 - Inherit the Wind

    #700 - Strictly Ballroom

    #800 - Santander Liver :-)

    #900 - ???

    #1000 - I agree with Naomi: Secret of NIMH

    #1300 - Dumb and Dumber

    #1500 - Charlotte's Web

    #1600 - National Velvet

    #1700 - That Jules Verne classic with the name I suddenly can't recall

    1. Your random guesses are all completely correct. Well, except for your guess for #900. But you probably didn't expect that. I'm not sure if you've seen that thriller...

  3. #1400 - 27 Dresses

  4. Hmmm not sure about this one, but on a guess, is 1800 License to Wed?

    1. Nicely done! You're absolutely correct.

  5. #1700 is 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea