Monday, March 23, 2015

Movie Translation Game: 2014 Movies

Well, it's time for another movie translation game here on Unpublished for a Reason. Here's how it goes: I'll take several movie synopses, run them through Bad Translator, and present the finished result for you to guess. We're about three months into 2015, so I figured it would make sense to look at some of the most popular films of 2014 -- critically-acclaimed flicks, goofy blockbusters, and a couple more notorious choices -- and see how many of them you can identify! Post your guesses in the comments, I'll bold the ones that haven't been guessed correctly yet (though that shouldn't keep you from guessing them anyway just for fun!) and I'll post the answers next Monday.

Without further ado, here are some films of 2014, ridiculously scrambled. Some are... easier to guess than others.

1. Sniper, cow, of course, became a legend in the fight to save the file. The house, the children, after the death of his wife and four of his responsibility, but if the battle begins, not for the first time.

2. E-in the study, the Size of the stand is perfect information with a group of friends who formed the group of the technology.

3. The role of the hero, the last day of the calendar, house, family, job, and try to help me.

4. He went to College life, as a young man, he was a child.

5. In America, in a new light, and be acceptable to the head of the group, on the other hand, the best soldiers in time of war in the old story, new threat: kill the soldiers and winter.

6. After ten years, the flu, has the right to access, change, or groups that you have saved.

7. Officially became the second man in the war against external enemies,select a date in the future, there is a good company for your business, you want to stop the conflict.

8. In the same meeting, after two young people, who are recovering from breast cancer.

9. The largest of the world is emphasized in the present study, the pride, the threat to humanity life, against harmful organisms can be observed.

10. Full speed fan operation between the stars criminal groups are forced to work together, if you want to avoid.

11. Professor of so,student education,I believe that God doesn't exist.

12. In the spotlight of the media circus, the key, which can't solve,even if it is a problem in the first place.

13. If a Viking boy who went to the dragon's cave in the center of the city, where the two friends to protect the world, where hundreds of wild it. It

14. A group of scientists of the hole, to ensure the survival of the human race.

15. You can also visit the more popular Newspapers to see Lark's on the planet, in an interview with amazement. In Japan, the leaders of North Korea's Kim Jong told the CIA changes to kill the task.

16. LEGO building services, services of private security, the eternal, the purpose of which is to stop an evil LEGO tyrant of the company.

17. Avenging Angel tracking Controller of a small honey, baby, I know that you may be the only person who can bring peace to this problem.

18. It is the Creator of the world is a big problem for the post-apocalyptic flood to cleanse the world.

19. Super-heroes, one of them in the past and the events that lead us to the past to change, in a desperate attempt to avoid humans and mutants, which are sent to the system.

20. 20 years after the first adventure, Harry Lloyd, Harry, how I found out that the dead girl.


  1. 5. Captain America: Winter Soldier
    8. Fault in Our Stars
    10. Guardians of the Galaxy
    13. How To Train Your Dragon 2
    16. Lego Movie
    18. Noah

  2. I'll cherry-pick some of the easy ones. I think. Since I'm still mainly guessing.

    1. American Sniper
    2. Imitation Game
    4. Boyhood
    7. Edge of Tomorrow
    11. God's Not Dead
    13. How To Tame Your Dragon 2
    15. The Interview
    16. Lego movie
    19.X-Men: Days of Future Past

  3. Oh my gosh, I think I know aLOT of these!!!

    1. American Sniper
    3. Big Hero Six
    4. Boyhood
    8. The Fault In Our Stars
    11. God's Not Dead
    13. How To Train Your Dragon 2
    15. The Interview
    16. The Lego Movie
    18. Noah
    19. Guardians Of The Galaxy

    I haven't been any of these, so thesis like a record for me!

  4. I think 14 is Interstellar. And I'm pretty sure 20 is Dumb and Dumber To. That's all I got.

  5. Gonna take a stab at the ones that aren't guessed yet!

    2. Big Hero 6?
    3. Interstellar?
    6. Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
    9. Ender's Game
    12. Gone Girl
    17. Godzilla?