Monday, June 8, 2015

Some Blog Business... Because My Life Just Got Way More Exciting

For anyone who didn't see this on my personal Facebook yesterday, I was offered a job this week. I'll be working with a Bay Area-based theater company that sends teachers out to local schools for classes, workshops, extracurricular drama programs, and more.

The whole process went extremely quickly. I sent an email about the job two weeks ago, got an interview two days later, was offered the job last Tuesday, officially accepted on Wednesday, and now have to pull all my stuff together to move out there by this time next week. Jacob will be joining me once I find an apartment for us -- in the meantime, I'll be living in summer staff housing as I direct a youth production for the group's summer camp.

This whirlwind of action has brought with it a huge variety of emotions. I'm relieved that I'm finally connected to a job in my field. Focused on getting everything taken care of this week that I need to. Worry that I won't be able to find housing within our budget (though the woman I've been speaking with about the job is optimistic and has offered to help me out with apartment-hunting). Sad about having to live away from Jacob for a month or two. Anxious that I won't get my health care sorted out in time and that I'll end up with some arthritic thanks to a medication gap.

But with all this, mostly I am excited. I'll be living in a new state and finally escaping the Midwest, I'll be working with a wide variety of kids and doing some really fulfilling work that I think will suit me even more than a traditional high school teaching job, I'll be starting new adventures and making a new path for my life. And there's no doubt that the sped-up schedule of this whole process has given me a shot of adrenaline!

When I interviewed for the position, I spent the six days or so before I heard back praying and asking God to guide me one way or the other if I was offered the job. I was vacillating wildly between exhilaration at the prospect of a new adventure and terror at the thought of venturing so far away with so little time to think about it. The more I prayed, though, the wilder emotions began to settle down into more of a quiet peace, and when I was offered the job, the woman I spoke with spent a lot of time explaining some of the challenges I'd face and some tips on our (fairly major) relocation... and I just felt that, yes, this made sense. This makes sense for me. So of course I'm going to say yes.

I also could not be more grateful for the encouragement and support of my awesome husband. He's lived his whole life in various locations within a few hours of each other along the Indiana/Ohio border, and here I am saying, "Hey, can we move to California next month?" But he is as excited about this as I am, and I cannot think of anyone I'd rather see the redwoods with, go to the San Francisco Zoo with, or try In-N-Out burgers with for the first time. (All things we've added to our "WHEE WE'RE MOVING TO SAN FRANCISCO" bucket list.)

Anyway, this all means that my blog is getting pushed to the back burner for, well, at least the next week. I'm rushing around trying to do everything this week, and I don't know what to expect in terms of workload for my job yet. I'll be working with camp this summer and I start working with schools in the fall, but no sense yet of how much time I'll actually have. My goal is to update the blog at least once a week because writing is good for me, but it may just be a "when I can" situation for a little while.

So that's where my life is: busy and crazy and exciting. Here's to heading off into the unknown and doing new and awesome and scary things!

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