Friday, June 12, 2015

Surprise Blog! And It's a Movie Guessing Game

Last Halloween I had you guys guess mangled horror movie synopses, but the last time I went through my Flickchart 100 at a time and pulled out those movies was over a year ago. And I watched a LOT of movies since then, thanks to the Movie Challenge of Madness, and my chart has shifted all over, so they'll all be different than they were at that point.

I'll be running the plot synopses through Bad Translator and then posting the results here. I will even tell you the general genre or style of the movie to help you out a little. Guess in the comments what you think they are, and... at some point, not sure when due to my wacky schedule, I will come back and update with the answers!

#100. (Musical) It is embarrassing accident of Benjamin Mr. [title of the movie] that led to a hair salon in London was one of the most important crimes of the general assembly of Friends of the man, woman, woman. On the basis of popular music.

#200. (Comedy) Unemployed steel workers built nudity, striptease, remember that this woman is completely nude.

#300 - (Romantic Comedy) Two women in this field, or name to find the location of local points.

#400 - (Animation) When the mass begins in the writing of the attack in the world, the immortal guardians are willing to protect the innocent boys and girls in all parts of the world.

#500. (Comedy/Drama) Shortly after the divorce, well, that you can go to the house in the small town of Ribera fijiswitzerland. ). I would like to revive the romance of an old friend of mine, who is already married and has a child.
(It should be noted that this plot is in no way connected to Fiji or Switzerland and I don't know what happened there.)

#600. (Comedy/Drama) The poor woman's daughter makes the head work, family, back to Mexico, a lot of people in the United States, where it began.

#700. (Sci-Fi) Mental capacity, The user will get 100% with the help of a mysterious drug that can be taken to the author of the financial genius of this new world, where all types of risks.

#800. (Drama) The use of the closed return type, you're my friend, and the changes in your life.
(Yeah, good luck with this one.)

#900. (Fantasy) Eustace from childhood to the age of Villeneuve and the so-called irreversible. Double bed king-x-i lost my son, the prince, the lion, the Lillian said to know each other.

#1000. (Musical) The hotel is only open on holidays, a singer, a dancer, a rival in love, beautiful, passionate, artistic people.

#1100. (Musical) Anthropology Professor and Secretary of the Marion learning with young people's sexual behaviour. Windsurfing to young people, not for sex, but the song of war, the slogan of the rat and mouse, dance, dick Dale and the color.

#1200. (Thriller) The poor Director of the bureau of advertising, an error, a representative of the government, the group of foreign spies, and is against the law for the entire country, and could not find a way to survive.

#1300. (Drama) France, again, I say that they are religious, but the unfortunate Queen [title of the movie]. And the wedding Louis 15-Queen, 19, of power and finally the Queen and ultimately the fall of the Tower of the fortress.

#1400. (Animation) Young, shy groom's vows, in the presence of random program, when a dead woman in her grave, if he wakes up because he is married.

#1500. (Thriller) Cory is a strong woman, ex-con and her lover violet, the development of a plan to steal millions of people saving money, wine, red line, Gaius Caesar.

#1600. (Comedy) The two got a chance to find comfort in alcohol and other drugs. I think the quiet life, go to the northern part of this area, depending on the value, like [part of the movie title]'s uncle in the bathroom.

#1700. (Animation) Young asparagus, Laura carrot start spreading rumors, which spread Bumblyburg like the grass of the risk covering the entire city. Larry, the man said that God wants to tell stories that affect people.

#1800. (Drama) Desmond Doyle lost his wife or his family the day after Christmas, in the Ireland of the court. Children go to church and shelter. [title of the movie] batteries Desmond apply to the Court to take the kids.

#1900. (Thriller) The competition tough women, a young mother began to prepare for the competition.
(There is no competition in this movie.)

#2000. (Drama) After a blurred trauma in the summer, Melinda, the possibility of the school, near the school, arguments with friends and family, conversation, dark history, it is an experience, so she decided to ask me again.

#2100. (Animation) Three young the neighbor's house is really full of life, we know it's a new monster.

#2200. (Romance) Paris before the First world War, the run(Austrian) And [part of the movie title] (France), the two friends falling in love), Catherine, but the love and the marriage, Katherine, [part of the movie title]. Once again, after the war, Germany Catherine love.

#2300. (Musical) The territory of Oklahoma, in the twentieth century, two young peasants and shepherds, cow boys, street vendors, the heart of a woman to fight against the devil.


  1. 400 - Rise of the Guardians

    1000 - Holiday Inn

    1400 - Corpse Bride

    1800 - Evelyn (also I'd forgotten all about this I need to rewatch. I remember quite liking it)

    2300 - Oklahoma! :-)

    Also I have nooo idea what 2200 is, but for some reason it made me giggle with the way it keeps repeating Catherine, love and various place names.

  2. Wow. I don't know most of these. I'm going to guess:
    100: Sweeney Todd
    400: Rise of the Guardians
    900: Prince Caspian or Voyage of the Dawn Treader
    1000: Holiday Inn
    1100: Some Frankie/Annette beach movie?
    1400: Corpse Bride?
    1700: The Rumor Weed
    2100: The Frankenstein-pet-dog movie?
    2300: Oklahoma

  3. My only guess is 200 - Flashdance?