Monday, September 28, 2015

Reasons to Dance: #201-300

It's been close to a year since I posted a new entry in this series, and that's unfortunate. There HAVE been good things happening for me this year, I just haven't been doing a great job of cataloging them. Here are the things I have gone out of my way to celebrate on Twitter, though.

That production of Frankenstein we watched tonight. Gorgeous and moving.

I got accepted to a blogging position I applied for. WIN!

Making progress toward paying off student loans, slowly but surely.

Long weekends!

The giant mole/jet pack fight in Arrested Development.

A car next to us in the parking lot had Carcassonne and Nyarlathotep bumper stickers. Nerds are cool.

That sausage breakfast burrito was definitely the right food choice. Yum.

My mom sent me an unexpected care package with my favorite cookies!

Gosh, that huge emotional music build in "Gethsemane" from JCS... gets me EVERY time.

The Tony performance of I Believe. Love me some Andrew Rannells.

Catching up on my NaNo.
Man in a robe. from Flickr via Wylio
© 2007 tripleigrek, Flickr | CC-BY-SA | via Wylio

My bathrobe is deliciously warm after a very cold shower.

Sometimes the Internet gets used for kind and wonderful things.

Watching a video of Andrew Rannells singing "The Origin of Love." There's just something about this song that gets me every time.

There are some people I just really want to be happy. And when they are, I get happy.

I'm so thankful for in-laws who never pressure me to be what I'm not or measure up to a standard I'm not capable of.

Some days I wake up and just feel everything is overwhelmingly good. This is rare, but when it happens it is SO BEAUTIFUL.

Finding Christmas gifts I think the other person will like.

I finally FINALLY have a driver's license with my married name on it.

I might get to see some good friends over Christmas break that I haven't spent time with in several years. :-)

When my Enbrel injection barely hurts at all. Like today. That was a fun surprise.

Christmas is soon :-)

That cheese pasta bake Jacob makes sometimes is super delicious.

Texting Bethany back and forth as the family Christmas shops. Makes me feel a little bit like I'm back home.

Getting tricky medication refill stuff figured out SO much faster than I anticipated. I'll be back on meds by Monday!

Gas is $1.99 today! I can't even remember the last time I saw it that cheap.

Jacob made me French toast just because I casually mentioned I loved it. I love the man I married.

Little kids getting Christmas gifts. I may not want kids of my own, but there's something magical about their surprise and delight.

Finding the exact words for what I want to say and feeling I said it well.

Long substantial discussions with Jacob.

Our new tires cost so much less than I anticipated. Whee!

Unexpectedly got to see Breana! Yay for spontaneous friend visits :-)
Visiting so many people this week! On our way to see Tim and Jessie now and I'm SO excited about it.

Some days I wake up and just feel happy and energized. Holding onto that feeling today because it's rare and wonderful.

When I feel like I have something to offer in a conversation.

"My name is Robert." #KidSnippets

Having enough money that we can add a little to our savings again.

Getting back on a regular (workable) sleep schedule.

Gouda. Yummmm.

Having a particularly bad day. Jacob sent me a very long, very sweet text from work that helped a little.

Dad jokingly requested a Picasso-style picture of Puppy. Jacob's actually drawing one.

It's been a couple days and I haven't killed my new Sims baby yet! Whoo!

Fitness First Gym from Flickr via Wylio
© 2013 Health Gauge, Flickr | CC-BY | via Wylio
First day at the gym was a success. I can do this the rest of the year!

"Bears bears bears bears bears..." #AdventureTime

When teaching goes right.

My legs feel awesome after that massage chair at the gym.

We get enchiladas for dinner!

Long weekend with Jacob.

I had a really nice chat with my mom tonight while watching a concert of Christian musicians she used to love.

My incredible friend Dani, who is so gracious and loving to me even when we disagree.

Perfect casting for the Lizzie Bennet Diaries. Every character is spot on.

I had a really good time with God tonight. I feel better.

A new weekend schedule that lets me spend time with Jacob!

Today, for the first time, I left the gym feeling invigorated from my workout rather than exhausted.

Missy Elliot. She's just so cool.

I feel...emotionally strong today. That hasn't happened in a while. It's nice.

Last night, a horrible nightmare woke me up. But it turns out Jacob was awake too, and he cuddled with me until I felt better.

The unfollow feature on Facebook, which lets me stay on good terms with people who I could not be otherwise.

My delightful friend Jojo is getting married this year, and it just brings me so much joy to see her joy.

Coming up with fun assignments for my English/writing course I'm doing with the siblings. Super satisfying.

The music video for "I Luv Rap Music" by DC Talk. It's so cheerfully dorky and silly.

When somebody else loves The Last Five Years. I'm so excited when it happens that any response is basically just fangirl squealing.

Payday! Especially when we were especially low on funds.
I don't care how overdone it is, "I Dreamed a Dream" is still GORGEOUS.

There may be nothing more delightful to me than spending a day with my best friend. And since we're married, I get to do that often!

Finding musical theater people in TV shows and movies.

Audra McDonald. Gosh, what a talented, classy lady she is.

The final scene of The Full Monty. That is just a delightful ending to that movie.

I get a long weekend with Jacob over Easter. :-)

It's been a long time since my last eye appointment, but the doctor says my eyes are really healthy! Phew!

My amazing husband who stays up way too late with me talking stuff through when I can't stop crying.

The geeky chocolate store we found today. I'm so glad that exists.

When friends I've been worried about are doing a little better.

I was awake when Jacob got home this morning and got to chat with him before he went to sleep. That was nice.

The nice shoes we had to get for Jacob's feet were not as expensive as we worried they'd be.
Writing just for me can be so cathartic. I should do it more.

I'm so thankful for people who stand up for the underdogs. That's what I want to be like.

The wonderful, kind generosity of my friend Sarah.

We got our truck working again as an emergency backup vehicle! Now we can get our car fixed!

The repairs for our car didn't cost nearly as much as I worried they would!

My favorite Christian blogger gave me a really nice response tweet & is following me now. I feel so cool!

When I say "Bedtime," Puppy immediately trots off to her bed. I like that I've accidentally taught her this command.

When Jacob accidentally set his wake up alarm as a Facebook event & then did it on purpose later that afternoon. 10 people attended.

The hilarious and weird sheet music instructions for the Heathers score.

"Be Prepared" is in some ways so campy, but that doesn't keep it from being deliciously chilling.

I just like that Commentary! The Musical exists.

Vincent from Bojack Horseman. Easily the best part of the whole show.

Playing Scattergories with my family over Skype last night.

Woke up to a mushy text Jacob sent me this morning as I was sleeping. :-)

Songwriting can be very cathartic.

I feel humbled every time my amazing husband prioritizes my needs over his just to make me feel better. I don't deserve him.

San Francisco from Flickr via Wylio
© 2012 Jeff Gunn, Flickr | CC-BY | via Wylio
I feel like I finally have some options open to me in my job hunt. This was a good day of moving forward.

I'm moving to San Francisco :-)

My dad played Forbidden Desert. Then he played every possible 2- and 3-player variation by himself to figure out how to win.

My NLDC generation is the most welcoming, hilarious, talented, delightful group of people ever. Being with them is water for my soul.

I love getting to sleep in a bed with my husband again.

Huh. I really like my eyes today for no particular reason.

Pretty sure I married the kindest, most compassionate man in the world.

I love getting to work someplace where seeing amazing plays is part of my job.

Today one of my co-workers asked me if I was OK after seeing me post yesterday about anxiety. I work with such supportive people.

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  1. Did Jacob ever finish the Picasso picture of puppy? :-)