Tuesday, September 13, 2016

New Year's Resolution: September Check-In


I didn't want to do this. August was a rough month and I don't really want to do any reflecting on it. But it's like halfway through September so I have to do this eventually. Here goes.

Blogging goal: Four posts in August. I accomplished this, and I'm incredibly proud of that. They were almost all in the first half of the month before August became especially difficult, but that just means I'm even prouder of myself for accomplishing things when I could and not procrastinating until I couldn't. 10/10 this month. WHOO. My next goal involves one of my blog projects I've been putting off: my work with the Flickchart blog. I haven't written a full blog there in ages, and I keep on promising I'll do it, and then I don't. All I want to do is write one blog for Flickchart before the month is over. That is a small, simple goal, and I can do it.

Health goal: Start taking depression meds again. Well... nope. But I am being slightly smarter in health in other ways. I'm making an effort to walk more and to eat more vegetables. But while that's all good, it ultimately doesn't matter here because that wasn't my goal. My goal was to get onto depression meds. I don't know why I have such a block here. Maybe my therapist could tell me, except that I never did that part of taking care of my depression either. Sheesh. How are you supposed to manage depression when depression makes it tough to manage anything? I'm frustrated at giving myself a 0/10 again, and I'm THIS close to saying, "Forget this goal, it'll never happen," and moving on to something else because failing again next month will be even more discouraging, but no. NOOOOOOO. That's me yelling at myself that I WILL MAKE THIS WORK, DANG IT. I will take. My. Freaking. Depressing. Meds.

Movie goal: Go see a movie every time I plan to see a movie. This actually has gone pretty well. I think I planned to go five times and actually went three, which is a little more than 50% successful, so I'm going with 6/10. I've done even better than that the last week, but that doesn't count for August stats. I feel pretty confident about my theater movie-going stats, so let's look at home movie watching. My goal is to watch five movies that are part of my movie challenge. I've already seen two halfway through the month, so hopefully I'll be able to tackle three more.

God goal: Daily Bible study and prayer. 0/10. I don't even want to talk about this. Let's try again. As I do every month.

Friends goal: Be present for the RinkUnion. And not like... attend it. I wanted to really be there, mentally and emotionally and not check out because I wanted to make sure I got the most out of IRL friend time since that doesn't happen often for me. I'm pretty happy with this. There were moments where maybe I should have focused more, but overall I stayed connected and had a really lovely time. 9/10. This month I'm feeling pretty good about connecting with people. I'm working on a couple different projects that are putting me back in touch with people in my life in various ways, and that's really cool. So what I want to do this month is pretty specific: I want to attend a local board game meetups at least once. The board game cafe Jacob and I frequent has Monday night meet-and-play events, and my Monday nights are usually free, so I'm going to try to attend at least one of those this month because I want to continue feebly attempting to make new connections and not JUST revive the old ones.

Last month I was at 25/50, which was pretty impressive. This month I made it to... 25/50 again, so at least I'm not sliding backwards. If I can make any progress at all in my health or God goals I'll be happy. I only have half a month left in which to do it, but even that is still significantly better than what I've done so far.

It's been a frustrating month, but seeing that I at least haven't sucked any worse than I did last month makes me feel better. Onward we go.

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