Friday, March 4, 2011

Draft Messages In My Phone

I don't clear out my draft box nearly as much as I should in my phone. Partly because I think it's interesting to see all the things I apparently meant to say to people, but didn't, for whatever reason.

So here are all the ones sitting in my phone at the moment.

To: nobody
Heh. I'm in the RinkChat Oscar discussion room & we're seeing everyone's results. So far you are sadly 0/8.
This was going to be sent to my Rinkie friend Rifty, until I discovered he hadn't actually made any guesses in the Oscar game that year, so obviously he wouldn't have gotten any points.

To: nobody
This family I'm staying with is nice but SO FORMAL. Haha. I'm just not used to this. Lol.
This was going to be sent to, I believe, my mom, until I decided it wasn't productive to make comments like this about people I was staying with. :-) And they were indeed very nice.

To: Anna
It goes faster on the movie when I don't try & call. It's nearly done buffering
I'm pretty sure our movie finished buffering at that point and then I called her on Skype, making my text unimportant.

To: Sarah
Oh, if
Well, that's a promising beginning.

To: B'qi
Yeah, he's just insane. Thankfully I have no more classes with him.
...I honestly have no idea who I would be talking about here. I don't know who I don't have more classes with that I'd refer to as "insane."

To: Sarah
Agreed, she is FREAKING AWESOME.
I'd like to think I'm commending a real-life person here, but I'm probably referring to a fictional character. I suspect it might be Liz Lemon.

To: nobody
I've recently realized I get...more than a little annoyed when
I don't know what it was, but it was also probably something that I decided would be more constructive to not say. Censoring my negative side!

To: Sarah
Lol. Well, maybe that
These are the ones that confuse me. They're so short. Did I decide not to send the message because I didn't know what I was saying? Did I get distracted?

To: Lisa
Yeah. I think my Internet
That sentence was probably about to end with "...hates me."

To: nobody
So I'm awake and up and about.
I'm glad I decided this wasn't a vital thing to tell the world. From now on, I'm going to IM EVERYONE I KNOW whenever I wake up.

To: Sarah
Yeah. If we can't learn to follow
...we'll never learn to lead! No, I don't know what this is about.

To: Lisa
Haha! I laughing!

To: nobody
Well, apparently this was meant for Sarah. I guess I recomposed this message later, because I *know* I wished her a happy birthday at some point.

To: nobody
It looks like in both IL and IN it might be snowing tonight but not tomorrow.
I like imagining that the draft texts I never assigned anything to are Twitter messages. Messages like this are why Twitter sometimes sucks.

To: Mom Cell
Hopefully this will not be tricky. I'm eager to
...start controlling things with my mind. But not if it's too tricky.

To: Sarah
Well, I think so
Well, I do!

To: nobody
Aaaand plans are off once again. My high school
This sounds like it could have been during the "Will I go home? Will I not?" debacle of J-term break.

To: Sarah
If I was going to send a thought this short, I could at least include some punctuation.

To: Lisa
Well, some we have going on now:
Now I really wonder what were some I had going on then.

To: nobody
Half and half. Parts of it I liked a lot. It was fun to see the Master again. And I liked the scene where the Doctor saved Wilfred.have ended it there. The long drawn-out goodbyes were crazy anticlimactic. (Though my father points out I'd already prepared for Ten's death by postponing the episode for so long. I probably would have appreciated the goodbyes otherwise.) And I probably wasn't supposed to burst out laughing when the Master turned everyone into himself. :-) God bless the hammy supervillains of sci-fi. I love them.
WOW. This extremely long message (with a chunk apparently taken out of it in the middle) was almost certainly meant for Rifty, who's the person I mostly discuss Doctor Who with. I hope I sent at least a version of this. It would be ridiculous to type this much and not use it.

To: nobody
Haha, Jacob says he just saw you w

To: nobody
At Starbucks with a friend. This place always makes me think of you.
Wow, *that* sounds like an emo status update. But really it was supposed to be a cheerful "I miss you!" message to, probably, Peach.

To: Sarah
Theory: There are people who are good with everybody & people who are good with a few. But the people who are good with a few are REALLY loved b
I'm pretty sure I sent this theory to her eventually, so I'm guessing it just got cut off. To finish it: they're really loved by the people they are good with. I feel like I'm in that category. There are only a few people I truly click with, but those people love me far, far more than I ever deserve. I cherish this. :-)

To: Breana
Yay! We'll definitely do something then.
I wonder if we did something.

To: Sarah
Yeah, I'm not a

To: Brittany M-now-H
I don't think I can :-( I have no way to get down there.
OH SAD MEMORY. This is in response to her asking if I was going to John Brooks and Jessica Page's wedding. I truly wish I'd been able to be there. :-/

To: Sarah
This is true. And I
...eee-I will always love yooooooo-o-o-o-o-ou.

To: Sarah
Gah my phone dioed b
My typing also dioed, apparently.

To: Peach
O ye who receiveth this text message in its entirety, rather than just the first two letters, thou art blessed.

To: Laura
LOL! I just got your "Woohoo" text & thought you were commenting on my finishing the exam but you werem'
I think I vaguely remember this. Our text messages reached each other at the wrong time so we were having conversations responding to things that weren't actually said. It was confusing, but also funny. She werem'.

To: Emilee
Yeah! I got it, just forgot
Apparently I forgot again.

To: nobody
Hey, can you come let
I suspect I was locked out of my dorm for this one, but found someone to let me in before I finished the text.

To: Emilee
Aww. That's
I'm glad I was sympathetic to whatever Emilee's plight was.

To: nobody
All right, I'll be
...your crying shoulder?

To: Google
Say "Yes" to Google today!

To: Brittany M-now-H
Haha... I'm doing pretty good. In the middle of rehearsals for our Christmas show. How are you? How's married life? :-)
...Why did this one not get sent? Sad. I was having a text convo with Brittany, who I hardly ever get to talk to, and failed.

To: Sarah
Hmmm. I don't think so.
So there!

To: Sarah
I think sometimes people don't
Don't think so? Because I don't think so. Hmmm.

To: nobody
Oh! I have just realized I don't think we specially
Think so? Because I think sometimes people don't. And I don't think so. Hmmm.
...OK, that's the end of that ridiculous joke. As well as the end of my drafts.

I seriously need to empty this out more often.

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