Saturday, March 5, 2011

Micro Review: The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo (2009)

I'm pretty sure there are spoilers in here. So if you haven't seen it, beware.

It weirds me out when so many movie computer programs look DOS-like.

Harriet REALLY looks like a slightly older Dianna Agron.

This guy is significantly creepier than the girl with multiple piercings and an expression of hidden hate.

He's just a reporter, right? Not a detective?

Oh, wow, I look away for a second and she's getting mugged in the subway.

"I can see that you've done your homework." Well, you did give a whole bunch of it to him.

I'm having trouble keeping all the family members straight. I thought Harriet was Henrik's daughter, but she's not.

Ya know, maybe you shouldn't provoke and sexually assault someone with mental problems and a history of violence...

This negative slideshow is kind of eerie, but awesome.

"Is it because of the investigation or because of my sordid family?" Or option #3: he doesn't like you that much.

I hate these movie situations where the corrupt people have ALL the power.

GOOD FOR HER, recording this.

I'm not sure the best answer involved tasering him, though.

Oh, actually, this plan might work. She's a smart chica.

If moderately cruel/ruthless.

...Is sleeping with piercings in comfortable?

Well, now that they've both scared each other waking each other up, I guess they're even.

With Henrik in the hospital, their deadline is possibly more...looming, I guess.

She seems like the kind of person who'd know how to take care of bullet wounds.

Seriously, how can you sleep on that side with so many pieces of metal protruding from your ear?

Wow, this is all very icky. "It's a fantastic moment when they first realize they're not getting away."

This is an unexpectedly happy ending to the story.

Very satisfying! It's hard to imagine a remade version of it... Landed at #543 on FlickChart out of 1472.

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