Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Some TV Pilots...

I'm trying to catch most of the new fall pilots. Here are the ones I saw over the last week, if you want to know my take on the newest shows to catch.

2 Broke Girls - Not going to keep watching, although I deliberated. I do like Kat Jennings and the premise is pretty entertaining, but it's all a little too "HA HA IT'S A SITCOM LET US MAKE SOME JOKES" for me. However, it's no more so than the last 3 seasons of Big Bang Theory, so if you're still on board with that one, you'll probably enjoy this.

Free Agents - Almost skipped over this one because I forgot I saw it. It's incredibly bland. I will not be continuing with this one.

H8r - I watched the first episode because it sounded ridiculous and stupid, maybe entertainingly so. Unfortunately, it was not. It was just boring.

New Girl - This one definitely has potential. I'm hoping for her to continue being genuinely genuinely awkward rather than just kind of cute and quirky - not nearly enough truly awkward female characters as leads. Zooey Deschanel breaking away from her stoic cynicism and playing emotionally unhinged is nice, too. I will continue watching this one for sure.

Ringer - Tentatively keeping up with this one. It's got an interesting premise and I like Sarah Michelle Gellar and I really like Ioan Gruffud, so we'll see where it goes from here.

The Playboy Club - Too many characters, too vague a plotline, kind of interesting as a period piece but it just didn't grab my interest at all. So... no.

Unforgettable - That's a sad name because this was so completely forgettable and boring that I didn't even make it all the way through the pilot. This isn't going to make it.

Up All Night - Will Arnett is back... and he and Christina Applegate are really entertaining. This is the second show I'm watching now where the premise hinges on taking care of a baby (the other being Raising Hope) and I should hate both of them, but they both work. I'm definitely going to keep watching this one.

Whitney - I did watch this whole pilot, but I have no idea why. It's extremely unfunny. Not going back to this one.

So, to conclude... I'm still watching Up All Night, New Girl, and Ringer, in that order of interest. The rest have been cheerfully deleted from my Sidereel TV tracker.

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