Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Recent Search Keywords

I just wanted to take a brief look at some of the search keywords that have brought people to my blog over the past month or so, and examine whether or not my blog was helpful in answering their queries.

top 10 statuses
top 5 facebook statuses

I suspect these people wanted to know the top statuses of all time and although I would love to think mine were the best of all time, at least quality-wise, I have a feeling that the people looking for these were probably disappointed in what they found.

best unpublished comedy movies 2011

Because of the title of my blog, I get a lot of searches for unpublished songs, unpublished movies, etc. I, unfortunately, provide none of that.

does marius sing eponine a lullaby

Now I can answer this one! Kind of. "A Little Fall of Rain" is not really a song meant to put her to sleep, although I suppose she does fall asleep (forever) at the end of the song. She also does most of the singing. If anything, she's singing him a lullaby. But the song does have a bit of a lullaby quality to it, and at the end he gets very sweet and tender as he sings it to her. So although my vote would be "no," it's a debatable point.

ellen page hard candy

She sure was great in that, wasn't she?

favorite unknown movies

I did indeed write an entire blog post about that. I hope it gave them some good ideas!

how movie challenge got started

Now I have no idea about that one. I don't even know which of the many 10/15/30/50-day challenges came first. There were ones about movies and music and photo ones, but they all kind of overwhelmed my Facebook at the same time and, as I do, I am just now latching onto them after they have long worn out their welcome in the rest of the world.

introvert church

Best site to recommend there is Introverted Church, the blog of Adam S. McHugh, who wrote the amazing book "Introverts in the Church." If you are an introvert and you go to church, read it. If you are an extrovert and you go to church, read it.

introvert vs extrovert misconceptions

Oh, now that probably hit on a couple blog posts from way back when. That was always meant to be a continued series, the whole "misconceptions about us" thing, but then I didn't run into many more than I had already discussed.

introverts and lying

Oh, dear. Maybe my introvert lies blog post is going to spread and make it sound like introverts everywhere lie all the time. Which, well, I suppose we do. As do extroverts. As do people.

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