Monday, October 8, 2012

Disney Songs... Translated To Death

A while back I posted a bunch of movie synopses translated back and forth from English to other languages. This time I decided to do it with several Disney song lyrics.

In all of these songs, I have used the most recognizable parts of the song - the chorus or part where the name of the song shows up. Most of these are pretty easy but some of them are... not. Feel free to guess as many as you want!

1. This product, but I love the new breaks my heart every day. That flirt, respect, and hopefully it will remain so.

2. Gaston just as fast as the others. No one really Gaston.

3. Does anyone know where the cat, the cat in terms of.

4. So it was a wonderful evening. The name Bella Notte.

5. I know it sounds gross, but you will be rewarded after the completion of my contribution, cavities, preparation of market later.

6. The poor beggar, pain is inevitable. I hope that those who want to live and aid the girl? Yes, indeed.

7. As the work and lots of fun, lets go back to the Automatic way thanks to this post.

8. I'll call. Click the two small eyes, Washington, in the heart, the second is not to see you.
(Uh. Good luck with this one. It's not even a little bit close. I'll tell you the decade of the movie to help out a little bit: it's from the 1940s.)

9. And we have a great dragon.
(Um. This one is an even worse translation. In fact, I'll even tell you the movie, because the movie has approximately 10,000 songs in it and I bet you still won't know which one this is. It's Mary Poppins.)

10. It seems that once a year, when newspapers fly-Riverbend. I don't know what my dream is just to send me the Riverbend.

11. The difficulties of the road bed, warm, remember that you will be more than a thousand miles away to a friend of a friend: when he spoke.

12. I used to shoot the mysterious Hurricane River runs fast every month, dark side of the force.

13. Cruella De village, village of Cruella De, if not fear, it's not bad.

14. To its support for the financing of the war before the jump swing. You can't just go, steal (stuff).

15. There is something sweet and almost all types, but he was mean and he was rough and raw right now, does not love, does not, so if you don't see it, I think. Before.

16. Aladdin, Sir, what is your pleasure? I take your order, write, never a friend like me.

17. I find a way, I be there someday if the distance can be strong.

18. Hugh, Hugh, we're starting to work from home.

19. Even in that case, what is Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious too draconian.

20. Looking for a House consume their life easy to forget their worries and their conflicts.

21. A spoonful of sugar, a description of the drug.

22. The following text is a seamless philosophy: Hakuna Matata.

23. One day my Prince will come, see there once.

24. A dream is a wish your heart makes, if you go to bed.

25. I don't know the reason, like women, reflected in the straight.

26. You are always in my heart, in my mind, this works for me.

27. Zip-through-a-Dee-Doo-Dah, Oh, it's a beautiful day.

28. Can you feel love the tonight led a relaxed afternoon? Once all of the biological world harmony.

29. Shalalalalala, but don't panic, your mood is ready to go and kiss the girl.

30. The sound, and the numbers? Bucket colors: all colors in the wind?

31. Our guest, put our service to our customers. Tie a scarf neck, Jerez, Ronda takes care of the rest.

32. I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream. I know that you are aware of my weak glow in their eyes.

33. Under water very expensive rain water better that you create.

34. Built on them to come together, it is a place where you it all day, the Sun travels through the free part of the world can run.

35. The stars and when you do not have any difference in future as you like.

36. Life cycle of a circular orbit in the previous days, until we find our place.

37. Only very small changes in a small fear that both. Beauty and the beast.

38. It's a whole new world of exciting new perspective, no one told us what it is and where to go, or say that only a dream.

39. How to put them together, what do you do? Magician bobbidi Boo.

40. Life is short, but still lost love.


  1. Replies
    1. It even fits the rhythm of the original song so you can sing the new version nicely.

  2. Random reader/lurker jumping in here to play! Here are my guesses:

    1) He's a Tramp
    2) Gaston
    3) ???
    4) Bella Notte
    5) Be Prepared
    6) Poor Unfortunate Souls
    7) Whistle While you Work
    8) ???
    9) ???
    10) Just Around the River Bend
    11) You've Got a Friend in Me
    12) ???
    13) Cruella de Vil
    14) One Jump Ahead
    15) Something There
    16) Friend Like Me
    17) Go the Distance
    18) High Ho, High Ho
    19) Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
    20) Bear Necessities
    21) Spoon Full of Sugar
    22) Hakuna Matata
    23) Someday my Prince will Come
    24) A Dream is a Wish your Heart Makes
    25) ???
    26) You'll be in my Heart
    27) Zip-a-dee-doo-dah
    28) Can You Feel the Love Tonight
    29) Kiss the Girl
    30) Colors of the Wind
    31) Be Our Guest
    32) Once Upon a Dream
    33) Under the Sea?
    34) Part of Your World
    35) When You Wish Upon a Star
    36) Circle of Life
    37) Beauty and the Beast
    38) A Whole New World
    39) Bippidi Boppidi Boo
    40) ???

    Fun game! Hope I got some right. :)

    1. Hello, Emma! Welcome to the world of commenting on my blog. :) In fact, every single one you guessed, you got right! Nicely done. The rest of the answers should be up next Monday. Thanks for playing!