Monday, February 11, 2013

Movie Reviews by Jessie (Part 2)

Let's tackle the second half of Jessie's movie reviews, which, actually... is not the second half of her reviews. I miscounted how many there were, so this is more like the second third of her reviews. So there will be at least one more edition of this, possibly even two if I hit a lot of particularly good ones.
The Number 23 - this looks like it has a good plot but he becomes his worst fear, so i do not thhink i would like it too much considering i am not a real axe murder, kill everyone you know in a really evil way type of movie gal....................
If you don't read all the way to the end, it looks like Jessie is working very hard to convince us she's not really an axe murderer. Perhaps a little too hard...
Lolita - well this is not
Are you sure it isn't?
One Crazy Summer - well this looks interesting but i am a little confused. okay so John Cusack takes his bullying son sailing before or after he meets Demi Moore, Where the heck is nantucket and unless he is going to ove there he is going to deal with the weasely real estate agent.
This was the first part of a long, rambly review about how she couldn't tell what the movie was about. Most importantly, the synopsis never told her where Nantucket is, and she is quite unhappy about that.
Be My Valentine, Charlie Brown - charlie brown i such a classic trilogy. there are about three diferent charlie brown movies just for one holiday and then they just have movies that are about many different situations.
...? What's the trilogy? What are the three movies for one holiday? There were two Christmas movies, but only two...
Fantasia - WOW!!!!!! this is like a disney musical.
It kind of is, huh?
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix - i am a fan of the ones before although i think that the people who watch this have no life.
Is she implying she also has no life, or is she saying, "Well, all the ones up until this one are for people who have lives, but THIS one is just for losers"?
Piglet's Big Movie - my ALLTIME favorite character from the trinities of Winnie the Pooh is Eeyore. he is so cute and is so easily pleased and my mom said he reminded her of me but i do expect quite alot from people who have proven they can give more than what is nessecary. i kinda dislike people like that because they are SUCKUPS. any who i L-O-V-E EEYORE!!!!!!!!
She did talk a little bit at the beginning of this review about how she liked Piglet, but what I've pasted here is probably 3/4 of what she wrote. I am a little bit confused about what she thinks about people who have proven they can give more than what is necessary... and how that relates to Eeyore.
Cats Don't Dance - back when i saw this i thought it was great but now i think it is fabulous. 
Well, she's rated it 4 stars now, so apparently "fabulous" = 4 stars, so does "great" equal... higher or lower?
Little Women - i would recommend this movie to anyone who loves classic stories about how people are torn apart by war and poverty but are a family all the way. wow i sound so much like fortune cookie but i am such a big fan of this movie i think i can live with that for now.
What fortune cookies has she been reading?
Hannah and Her Sisters - this....... looks really good. i know someone named hannah and she is one of my very good friends
Well, there you go, everyone reading this blog should also go see it, because my name is Hannah. I even have sisters.
An American in Paris - Oh mygosh. who puts these movies on the site because i would like to tell them they have excellent taste. this is a total classic and i would love it. the only problem i have with this movie is this guy has to decide who he is going to swoon into like falling in love with him? or shall i say swindle, trick and FOOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She has marked it as "want to see." I'm a little confused as to whether she has actually seen this movie or not. I'm sure if she had seen it, Gene Kelly would have swooned her into falling in love with him.
Devdas - looks an old classic. i am totaally for new things but you can not beat the classics. there is just no way. this looks really good. to me it looks like a murder mystery/ lovey-dovey movie and ihaven't heard of any of the actors/actresses on the casting list but i will give the benefit of the dought because it looks like a total classic. now what did i say i like about classics? oh yea, EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!
A movie she has not seen, from 2002, which she has decided is a classic. And she sure likes her classics.

And let's end with a review that I don't think I can even bring myself to comment on:
The Holiday - OH my Geez. i want to see this movie so bad it is so not even funny. Cameran Diaz has now made it on my "LOvely actors/Actresses" list. KAte Winslet has been in the infamous movie Titanic which automatically puts her on the list. Jude law is a new actor i just found out about but i believe his performances give him a good referance until i can study any other work he has been in. Jack Black is a good actor but i must say that he has been in some of the stupidest movies.
like school of rock. the concept is he teaches a bunch of kids how to have fun. well lets see there are about a billion movies like that so it is so not original and although he played the character right i believe that that movie was not his best. I will not even get started on his movie Nacho Libre. All i can say is that when i saw what little i walked in on( i went to check on my brother and sister who wanted to see it) i was asked to leave the theatre and almost escorted out of the theatre!!!!!!!!


  1. I wish to God I had been there for that screening of Nacho Libre and that's something I did not anticipate typing today.

  2. A fortune cookie, eh? Let's see:

    "i would recommend this movie to anyone who loves classic stories about how people are torn apart by war and poverty but are a family all the way... IN BED!"

    I guess that's somewhat amusing...