Friday, April 12, 2013

Top 100 Showtunes: 60-51

#60. "The Sales Pitch" from Striking 12. Oh, how I love Groovelily. This was one of the very first songs of theirs I fell in love with, and I still love it. From the awesome sales spiel (which is crazy fun to sing along to, btw) to the second verse, where we get to hear the guy's thoughts, to the third verse, where everything kind of completely unravels, it's just a really entertaining song with a unique sound.

The Sales Pitch (2005) from Rob Bond on Vimeo.

#59. "Big-Ass Rock" from The Full Monty. I'm sure I've stayed on here before how much I really love cheerful songs about horrible things. Well, this is one of those. The tune is so pretty and it sounds so lovely unless you listen to the actual words, which are about a group of guys offering to help kill their suicidal friends. (Don't worry, none of them die, they just become male strippers instead.) I love how inspirational the song sounds and how uninspirational it actually is.

#58. "I'd Give It All For You" from Songs for a New World. You know how you can hear a song a dozen times, and then one day it suddenly jumps out at you as being the most incredible song ever? That happened with this one. One day I was casually listening to and was just struck by how beautiful it is. The musical monologues by the girl who has left and the guy she left behind that meld together into their reuniting is just absolutely gorgeous. Lovelovelove.

#57. "Scrap" from The Full Monty. Annnnd here is this show again. It sure is a fun one. This one sounds a little less pretty than the other one, but I absolutely love it. The harmonies are fascinating, the sound is an interesting combination of angry and defeated, and it's just an overall interesting-sounding song.

#56. "I Dare Say I'm In Love" from Sleeping Beauty Wakes. Well, it's the Groovelily-and-Full-Monty hour here, huh? This song just makes me insanely happy. It perfectly captures the giddy feeling of falling in love and dances around with it for three and a half minutes. One of my very favorite songs from one of my very favorite musicals.

I Dare Say I'm In Love from Rob Bond on Vimeo.

#55. "Belle" from Notre-Dame de Paris. As I was relistening to it this time to write up something about it, I couldn't help exclaiming out loud, "THIS SONG IS SO BEAUTIFUL." And it really, really is. It's a dark, haunting melody sung by some incredible voices and all I want to do is just close my eyes and listen to it. Every so often I decide I absolutely have to post this on my Facebook wall because for some reason, not everybody else loves it as much as I do. (?!) So here I shall post it here and try to make all of YOU love it.

#54. "Single" from The Wedding Singer. Oh, this song makes me super happy too, although for an entirely different reason than my #56. The cheerful cheesy 80s music perfectly complements the list of things that are better when you're single. Before I was a relationship, I absolutely adored this song, and after I was in a relationship... well, I still absolutely adore this song. How can you not? It's so much fun!

#53. "Nine Percent Chance" from High Fidelity. Yet another infectiously happy song. In this song, three men discover they have an extremely tiny possibility of getting something they really want... and then proceed to madly celebrate. Because, as they say in the song, "Sometimes all you need is a sliver of hope and you may just succeed - or at least the door's open. What once seemed impossible in there in your reach. You're riding the wave... or at least on the beach." No decent video of this, sadly, so here's the cast recording version.

#52. "Easy As Life" from Aida. Whoo. This song gets to me. In this song, Aida is choosing to give up the love of her life for the good of her people. I love that, especially for a forbidden love song, it isn't whiny or angsty, but straightforward in determining what she's going to do and acknowledging that, yeah, it sucks to have to do this, but she's been through worse.

#51. "Come Up To My Office" from Parade. A supremely creepy song about a group of young girls accusing a man of propositioning them. It's hard to explain why I like it so much. It's so creepy and dark and disturbing, and I love the build from slow and mellow to a much more frenetic pace, indicating the growing danger. Just an incredible song. Couldn't find any videos I liked, so here's the Broadway cast recording. Also, um, if you go to the YouTube video page, a comment of mine is one of the top comments. Apparently I watched this video a few years ago and needed to gush about Brent Carver.

Guys... We're halfway there. And it's only taken me like twice as many weeks as it should have. Maybe this is a series I'll finish after all before I run out of steam!

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