Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Chats From the Past

Sorry I didn't return on Monday as I said I would. I slept for 12 hours on Monday instead. It was a long weekend. A good one, but a long one.

While I was visiting Jacob in Indiana, I had no Internet, so when he was off at work I watched a lot of movies and downloaded TV... and also did some digging through old computer documents. One of the things I found was a series of old AIM chat logs with my good friend Sarah, from back when I was 18 or so. Sarah is one of those people whose sense of humor often perfectly coincides with mine, and some of these chats made me laugh so hard that I knew I had to share them with you guys.

I present... Sarah and Hannah, circa 2005.

The Feud Between Sarah and Singer Lauren Kennedy

Sarah: I do have something against Lauren Kennedy though. She told me I could mail her the liner notes to her CD and she'd autograph them. I sent them to her and still have not gotten them back from her
Me: Maybe she lost her liner notes and needed some to keep.
Me: The least she could do then, though, is send you an autographed picture or something.
Sarah: Yeah seriously
Me: Heh
Me: Or better yet
Me: Show up at your house and sing an original song for you called "Thank You For the Liner Notes, I Hope It's Okay I Stole Them"

Unusual Song Choices
Me: Hazard a guess what my 6th-most-played song is on iTunes.
Sarah: Hmmm
Me: The top 5 are all from Music & Lyrics.
Me: LOL.
Sarah: LOL
Me: The 7th is "Come Up To My Office" from Parade.
Me: Shiksa Goddess is 11th for some reason.
Me: And number six is.........
Sarah: Dang, I was gonna guess SG
Me: The "Kanine Krunchies" jingle from the movie 101 Dalmatians.
Sarah: LOL!!!!!
Sarah: ExcUse me??
Me: Why? I don't know!
Sarah: Over Shiksa Goddess????
Sarah: Sadness
Sarah: *goes to check what her most played song on Itunes is*
Sarah: Goodness. Whatever. Mine is "The Aba Daba Honeymoon" so who am I to talk??

Speaking French
(Sarah was going to be visiting me shortly)
Me: And if ye want you can come to my music appreciation and French classes in the morning. Heh. Twill be exciting stuff *nod*
Sarah: Aah and then I can sit back and feel so happy that *I* no longer have to study french *grins*
Me: Indeed
Me: But you can't give it up entirely
Sarah: LOL
Me: And it's possible that I may offer Adam to you and you won't know what I'm saying and you'll be all like "No thank you" and then I'll be like "bwahahahaHAHAHA I win".
(Adam = Adam Pascal, a celebrity we both liked very much. I had claimed him as my celebrity boyfriend at the time.)
Sarah: LOL!!
Sarah: I'll have to listen very carefully if I hear a sentence with the word "Adam" in it
Me: Ah well I'll have to be sneaky then
Sarah: If I do then I'll just say "J'adore Adam" to play it safe...

Save the Last Snooky
Sarah: LOL I totally agree with your Save the Last Dance review... that's exactly the way it impressed me
Sarah: Except we call it "Save the last Snooky"
Me: Heh. Good to see we're on the same page
Me: LOL!
Me: Snooky?
Sarah: Yeah one of the character's is called that, and Naomi kept thinking a bunch of the characters were him cause she couldn't distinguish him
Sarah: "Oh THAT one is Snooky! No, No wait..."
Sarah: *snookies
Sarah: Actually is the name 
Me: LOL I forgot him
Sarah: Naomi couldn't figure out the plot and for some reason she thought he was the villian
Sarah: Cause he has maybe one scene

The Best Hymn of All Time
Sarah: Our church here is just.... wow.
Sarah: :-D
Me: "wow" meaning....?
Me: ;-)
Sarah: Once we sang a "hymn" called: "Lutheran Women One and All"
Sarah: =-O
Me: *cracks up*
Me: Were the men allowed to sing
Me: ?
Sarah: LOL Yes they were supposed to! Isn't that.... odd?
Sarah: My Dad just closed the song book and stared at the ceiling during that song
Me: We were singing "Here I Am To Worship" this week (a REALLY popular modern worship song)
Me: which is actually a pretty decent song
Sarah: Haven't heard/sung it
Me: But there's this one part that goes "And I'll never know how much it cost / To see my sin upon that cross"
Me: And I started thinking about it...
Me: It didn't cost ANYONE to SEE the sin 
Sarah: LOL!!
Sarah: *cracks up*
Me: And the "I" of the song certainly didn't see it
Me: It cost something to get the sin THERE. Seeing it has nothing to do with it.
Sarah: Hmmm... and I thought "Lutheran Women, coast to coast, we are indeed a might host" was a pretty bad rhyme
Me: *cracks up*
Sarah: Makes them sound like locusts
Sarah: :-D
Sarah: brb just a sec
Me: okee
Sarah: I have returned. Stronger and more powerful then ever before *nods*
Me: It's because you are a LUTHERAN WOMAN
Sarah: LOL!!!
Me: lol
Sarah: *cracks up*
Sarah: /flex
Me: But do the men get to sing anything?
Me: about themselves, that is
Sarah: You know you are right... I don't think there is a "Lutheran Men" song
Sarah: Pretty sexist if you ask me
Me: "Lutheran men stand proud and tall, don't sing that other song at all."
Sarah: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sarah: You could write hymns for our church Hannah!!
Me: I could indeed *grin*
Me: "Lutheran women have their songs, but we don't have to sing along"
Sarah: LOL!!!!!!!!
Sarah: You have the gift!
Me: "We are mighty, we are great, all you people celebrate"
Sarah: *cracks up* You want to know what the really sad thing is? That really sounds legit *grins*
Me: "Wait a minute, I don't see - why're we singing about ME?"
Me: :-P
Sarah: LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!
Sarah: I like this song
Me: "Why is God not in these hymns? So much for the Lutheran men."
Sarah: LOL!!!!!! BRILLIANT!
Me: You should sing that next time you go
Sarah: *applaudes*
Sarah: Seriously should Lol
Me: I think I've improved it
Me: at least God makes an appearance now
Sarah: *laughs* That's right!
Sarah: It's not a hymn to ourselves like "Lutheran Women one and all"

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  1. And I still have trouble with the plot of Save the Last Dance.

    I had forgotten though our alternative title for it...