Friday, December 27, 2013

The Quest for Skye: Chapter 22

Recap: As Morgan and Tammy toured the facility, there was suddenly an emergency and for some reason everybody was conspiring to keep the Hamiltons from finding out about it. It might involve an old woman who is friends with Skye, but nobody will tell them anything. Who knows what's going on, now that this plot has gotten needlessly complicated and full of conspiracies?

Morgan and Tammy theorize about all the secrets of the clinic, making inquiries such as:
“Do you think it’s a coincidence that the locked room is next to the ER?”
Well, the alternative is that the Leontious designed a special "secret conspiracy room" next to the ER where secret patients could be stashed. Clearly the only logical explanation.

Tammy tells Morgan about the clinic and about Leontiou's dream of having a network of labs connected around the world, sharing information to help combat disease. Morgan is very cynical about this ever happening and rants for a bit about how people only care about money.

They then wonder who is running "this whole operation," and why, now that Doctor L. L. is dead. I don't know why this is a question. Clearly the answer is them, if they want it, and in the meantime I'd assume Dr. Rozak is in charge of day-to-day running and Lance or Doctor L. L.'s attorneys are in charge of monetary stuff. It's not like there's a secret puppet master keeping them from gaining control. They're being offered the whole thing and they're caught up in, "Yes, but who's in charge RIGHT NOW? Does it have anything to do with THE LOCKED DOOR?"

I'm really hazy on what this mystery even actually is. So far the signs of something weird are 1) they saw someone go into a room that is now locked and nobody will tell them who she was, and 2) they weren't allowed in the emergency room. And it's all somehow built in their minds into a giant conspiracy involving Doctor L. L.'s money and power.

They debate whether to force their way into some answers, but Tammy, for once, advocates being slightly less uncouth and aggressive:
“I think we should ask first. After all, they do need us. I can see why they would want both of us.” 
“What do you mean?” 
“There is no leadership.”
I dunno, I'd say things are running pretty dang well without the Leontious thus far. I have no idea what Tammy is basing this assumption on, but I think she's right that they might get further by politely asking, "Hey, if we're going to take over the clinic, can we get some more details?" before they go around yelling, "WE DESERVE ANSWERS!"
“Dr. Rozak showed me around the lab. It’s certainly high-tech, and all new since the big fire. They’re still waiting for more equipment to arrive. Dr. Leontiou obviously has spared no expense.”
"Well, aside from a second decontamination room door. And doors that stay closed even when they're not being controlled by computers. So I guess doors were the one thing he couldn't spare an expense for."

Morgan finally tells her about the reporter showing up on the island, and concluding by reiterating the ridiculous high stakes of the plot right now:
“That’s when Lance told me that Skye is the key to this entire thing. He said that if they don’t settle what happens to her life quickly, Greece will collapse, which could send a ripple effect throughout Europe, and possibly even the world.”
That's right, Hamiltons, if you don't adopt Skye, and soon, THE ENTIRE WORLD WILL COLLAPSE.

They casually wonder why this is the case but don't have any satisfactory answer because, well, there isn't one.
“How can she help? What possible power does she have?” 
Aside from butterfly summoning, professional piano playing, wheelchair teleporting, and making everyone like her despite being an awful person.
“She’s a remarkable young lady, but maybe it’s not just her. Maybe it’s us. Or you.” 
“Me? Why me?” Tammy took a breath, but it didn’t seem to help. 
“Perhaps it has something to do with your lab work.”
There are so many bizarre unconnected theories being thrown around here, I can't even follow them anymore. How would any of this have anything to do with Tammy's lab work? We don't even really know what it is, let alone how it could destroy or save the global economy.

Lance comes out, lets them know that a friend of Skye's passed away in the emergency room, and then basically begs Tammy to agree to work here so she can take over the lab.
“Dr. Leontiou was impressed with you. Your youth; your vigor; your experience.”
I know I'm always impressed with people's youth. How do all these people manage to be so dang YOUNG?

Lance confirms that "what [they] decide could determine the fate of the world," but, ya know, no pressure. He then takes off because the reporter is apparently making a fuss in his clinic prison room. Lance's response to this is to cheerfully joke about locking him in a dungeon. He tells the Hamiltons their choice is pretty easy and they should make it fast, then he leaves.

Tammy says she doesn't want to leave what she has in St. Paul, and Morgan asks her what she does have. Turns out the answer is nothing, because she doesn't say anything and they just think for awhile.

Next time: Probably another tour of the facilities. They haven't had enough of those yet.

(Chapter 23.)

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