Saturday, February 8, 2014

Weekend Reads

I read a LOT of good things this week! So here they all are. Enjoy!

Tweets This Week

Me: "I need to reschedule my connection since this flight is so delayed."  Airport clerk: "My computer shows that you're in the air now." --‏@TheBloggess

"I think this song needs more Lkjfylsiurrxmck." Every Sigur Ros songwriting meeting. --‏@JonAcuff

I often abbreviate "followup"on my to-do list. Now realizing that to anyone else, it just looks like "FU" and then the names of my coworkers --‏@laura_hudson

Actor Nicholas Cage claims he once woke up in the middle of the night to find a naked man eating a Fudgesicle in front of his bed. --‏@UberFacts

normal people flirting: hey you're cute we should go out sometime (;
me trying to flirt: so do u like bread -- ‏@chanelpuke

Before tucking us in Mom always said "remember - if life hands you lemons, it's because you've sinned in the eyes of God." -- @JohnFugelsang

"Honestly, I wanna see you be brave." -- weird courage fetishist --@BillCorbett

The first man to survive going over Niagara Falls later died from slipping on an orange peel. --@UberFacts

"Backpfeifengesicht" is a German word for a face that badly needs a punch. --‏@UberFacts

Sometimes I hear “Nights on Broadway” and don’t sing the theme to “The Barry Gibb Talk Show”. Tonight is not one of those nights. --‏@wilw

I wish my name was Ray Cyste just so I could say, "I'm not racist but I am Ray Cyste." -- @scottEweinberg

I pray she doesn't know George Lucas.  RT @THR J.K. Rowling: I Made a Mistake With the #HarryPotter Ending -- @scottEweinberg

If I had a hammer... I'd use it to knock your head in for hammering in the morning and hammering in the evening. We're trying to sleep. --‏@KiriCallaghan

My wife, a professional & talented artist, told me I should be "drawn and quartered". Does this mean she's offering me 25 cents for posing? -- @IJasonAlexander

First ep of Looking. Groffsauce goes on a date with a guy who is thoroughly uncharmed by him.
I didn't know this was a sci-fi/fantasy show! --‏@Lin_Manuel

My dad lost fingers in an industrial accident. I told him he should say "I can count the number of fingers I've lost on one hand!" --‏@michaeljnelson

At the end, it would be funny if they said, "Forget all that. The winner is the one who can blow up the MOST BALLOONS." #creationdebate -- @maureenjohnson

I'm trying to Imagine Dragons but nothing yet. (A dragon is basically a raccoon, right?) --‏@BillCorbett

Just read a blog that called me a narcissist. It was okay but I wish it would have talked more about me. --‏@donaldmiller

Silly Things

Brunch Time Crunch Time, at Not Always Working

Rejection, at xkcd

Home Is Where the Heartless Is, at Not Always Friendly

Serious Things

The problem is, there are experiences that transcend these categories. Some of the most powerful and meaningful moments in life aren’t rational at all. Like falling in love, or having a kid. Or seeing something happen right before your eyes that can’t be explained by any amount of science or intelligence.
Community vs Big Bang Theory vs SFF : A Dialectical Approach, by DatePalm at io9
If Community is an almost-genre work all about the possibilities of change, TBBT is like its evil counterpart. It's a story about stasis. A show obsessed with the power of habit and inertia, a show about stillness and limitation. It's people sitting on couches together, and being alone. People that have nothing stopping them from reaching out, except that it would require them to be a little braver than they are, a little more insightful, a little kinder. In short, it would require them to change, and TBBT turns that into the hardest thing in the world. 
I Don't Worship God By Singing. I Connect With Him Elsewhere, by Donald Miller at Storyline
Why I Don't Go to Church Very Often, a Follow-Up Blog, by Donald Miller at Storyline
and yet ANOTHER internet controversy!: going to church, by forgedimagination at Defeating the Dragons

Why Modesty Is Wrong, by Dale Fincher at Convergent
Some men do objectify women. Yet instead of challenging this devaluing of women, the Modesty Lifeguards join in with their own brand of objectification. Women are too sexual, meaning they are not persons of value but objects of lust. 
My extroverted roommates come and “kidnap” me when I want to be alone, by JenniferP at Captain Awkward
Right now your roommates are hearing that you want to be alone sometimes and then immediately overriding that with “But yeah, if we go get them, they always hang out and have a good time.“ It sounds like they Geek Social Fallacy carriers - “Everyone does everything together!” – and that you and they have an understanding of “politeness” that means everyone invites everyone else to everything, everyone must hang out with everyone for everything, everyone talks to everyone else for as long as they want and it’s rude to put a stop to any form of interaction or conversation.
The Most Damaging Attitude In Our Churches, by Cara Joyner at Relevant Magazine
When we recognize the dangers of subtle cynicism, we are able to engage in honest conversations that are productive, loving and full of grace.
I didn’t realize it at the time, but by engaging in this argument with Joe, I had already lost. Built into that statement –“it’s not fair for you to go to such an extreme” — is the assumption that Joe knows what ‘reasonable behavior’ is, and that I do not (as demonstrated by my ‘unreasonable’ behavior). By engaging in that argument, I automatically accepted that premise. And the more frustrated I became, the more ‘unreasonable’ I looked.
Is it my anxiety or is my relationship dodgy?, by JenniferP at Captain Awkward
So what if your decision was “irrational?” That doesn’t make it wrong. Breaking up is not a joint decision where one must prove one’s case beyond all doubt to the dumped party. You are allowed to give face-saving reasons. You are allowed to give no reasons beyond “I am breaking up with you.” 

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