Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Text Message Tombstones

I posted this on my Facebook yesterday:

Reddit asked, "If the last text message you sent was engraved on your tomb stone, what would it say?"
Apparently my tombstone would read: "Yay "
What would yours say?

The response was fantastic. I got several responses, along with friends reposting it on their own walls to get feedback from their friends. I was surprised by how many were somewhat appropriate... and amused by the ones that weren't. So here, for your reading pleasure, are my very, very favorite answers from my own post and the other ones I read:

Yay :-) [that one was mine]

Sometimes I worry that I'm too transparently trying to bring all the people I love together. And then I realize that's not actually a problem.

I made it here safe. I'm having a cup of tea.

Ok laying around impatiently.

The pink slime has been vanquished!

I feel super strong today. I'm not sure what the difference is but I'm feeling the She-Ra :-)

LoL, I like it

I've got this under control. No biggie

We talked about this, right?

Slow very slow

Welcome to the gang!

Who doesn't hate Mondays?

Love you too!!! Hang in there, babe.

I can't talk. I'm at work!

I was running late so I didn't grab the corn but I'm going to want it tonight.

Seriously, that is not okay.

Back home safe now.

I think that thing under my eye might be ringworm.


Never mind they looked it up. WAIT FOR ME.

You coming to lunch today? If so what do you want from the grill?

Will you smother me with hugs

Smells like bananas..


Okay! Love you both! Keep me updated! Give dad a hug for me!

I love you and will chat with you soon!

Hopefully we will have a positive outcome

Yeah, I'm far from Walmart now :-/

Wanna meet up?

And... I was hoping you could help?

I feel your pain.

:-) Just kidding!!!!!

Boo ya.

Leaving now - need anything?

I am making a stop. Won't be home right away.

Which of these was your favorite? And while we're at it, what's the last text you sent?


  1. Replies
    1. That's quite a cryptic tombstone message.

  2. I like "Smells like Bananas".

    Mine is: I really enjoyed my visit.

    1. Yours seems poignant. More so than "Smells like bananas," anyway...

  3. I think my favorites were-
    "Seriously, that is not ok"
    "Who doesn't hate Mondays?"
    "Ok, laying around impatiently"
    And "I made it safe here. Having a cup of tea."

    I like that last visual of Heaven. :-) Some of these are very fitting. And funny.

    1. More confusing visuals of Heaven: "Smells like bananas" and "Slow very slow."

  4. "It takes SKILL to make an ampersand so convoluted it genuinely looks like a pretzel"

    For context, I was disappointed that the shop I'd always thought sold pretzels turned out to be some generic tourist place with two names joined together and a ridiculously fancy, vaguely pretzel-shaped ampersand in the middle (something like "Smith & Jones").

    I feel like this tombstone should also have an engraving of said pretzel-y ampersand. Then it can make everyone hungry!

    1. Maybe it'll inspire someone to build a pretzel shop right across the street from your tombstone.