Friday, January 23, 2015

The Quest for Forgiveness: Press Conferences Make a Difference

Last time, Brianna was prepping for the Motion Picture Awards, but she barely needs it because she's already the most beautiful and the best singer and the best dancer and the best basically everything else.

This first section is just... very confusing to decipher. I think what happens is that the news announces that an unknown singer will be performing "Time," the Motion Picture Awards respond with, "That's just a rumor! Judd will be performing it! Nobody can replace him!" and then we learn that Burns (the dude who stole the money) ratted himself out to the press for money and then left the country. Which seems... awkward. I mean, did he get enough money to be able to not have to work in another country? Otherwise that seems like a step backward.

Sonya holds a press conference announcing that, no, Judd Stevens can't legally perform the song at the MPAs.
All the entertainment media were present, as well as the major networks; no denying the fact, it was big news!
Well, actually, one can deny that it's big news. It's about a dispute over song ownership at an awards show, not a breakthrough in medical technology or a declaration of war. No one who doesn't already know this song has any reason to care about it.

Sonya takes it further and says that:
If Brianna is prevented from singing at the ceremony, MPA will also be held in contempt of this court order. . . . If they lock her out, we will be forced to pursue other options, possibly even an injunction against the MPA. Make no mistake... we could shut the awards down completely, if necessary.
I'm not sure that's something they can order in the first place. I mean, if they had decided that no one was going to perform their songs at the awards at all, I'm not sure Sonya could have gotten any kind of court order forcing Brianna to perform hers. It's not a job, it's a performance. They could put pressure on those financing the awards, but I don't think they can legally order them to include something specific.

Sonya tries to be the good guy, saying they wanted to keep this all quiet, but she kind of loses the high ground when she continues:
"Unfortunately, a couple people involved thought they were bigger than the system, and decided to make something out of it by going public. It will destroy their careers— I will see to that!"
No doubt followed by a maniacal laugh.

She then tells the media they have the power to change the outcome and runs off to pick up Brianna at the airport. Understandably, everybody follows her to get a picture of Brianna.

Big news like the war in Iraq and the presidential race are shoved to page two because the first page is ALL about unraveling the mystery of Brianna, and everybody in America sides with her. Finally, the MPA people have a change of heart:
After seeing the worldwide publicity over the teen, they realized the monetary gain from advertisers around the world would be huge.
This is like four days before the awards. Surely they have most of their advertising all locked in by this point? It's a little late to start on paperwork for that. In 2012, ad spots for the Oscars sold out a full month before the awards. I'm not sure how much space they have left for the monetary gain from these last few advertisers to be "huge."

And then... wait, what? We jump backwards in time to Sonya picking up Brianna at the airport. Are we to assume that it took Sonya a full day to get to the airport? Because that's how long it took for the events they described to take place. Was Sonya driving from L.A. to an airport in Dallas?

So with our abrupt jump back in time, I'm going to have to release this post because I'm a little bit behind on blogging and rushing to finish it before it's due. :-) Hoping to catch up this weekend so I can spend more time on blogs before they go live!

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