Tuesday, March 1, 2016

New Year's Resolutions: March Check-In

Well, this month has been up and down. Let's look at how I did overall and how I'll be accomplishing my overall goals in March.

Blogging goal: Write eight posts during furlough week. This one is a big fat fail, 0/10. That was awful. I wrote not a single one. I've started about six blogs but never sit down to finish them. So this month's goal will be simple: get two blog posts written and published in March. Besides this one. And ideally one of them will be that top 100 post I keep putting off.

Health goal: No soda, gym twice a week. Full score on one, no score on the other. I was awesome about drinking no soda, but I didn't go to the gym once. So that's like a 5/10. The reason I didn't go to the gym, though, is what is spurring on this month's health challenge: take care of lingering physical problems. Specifically, I'm going to find an arthritis med solution by the end of the month, even if that solution is, ultimately, going back to my doctor and saying, "I can't afford Enbrel. Anything else we can try?" My other goal is to look seriously into my mental health options with my insurance, because that played a big part in my sucky gym attendance last month.

Movie goal: Write reviews within 24 hours of seeing them. I'm pretty sure I did this every time this month, so WHOO, 10/10! This month I'm debating between giving myself a tiny movie challenge and just going with a promise to get out and see a movie in theaters every week as a self-care thing, but since I've done really well in my movie goals thus far and have struggled with others, I'm keeping it simple. I need to see Bridge of Spies. It's the only Best Picture nominee this year I didn't see, and it looks boring so I keep putting it off, but sheesh, I need to watch it. There's my super accomplishable goal for the month.

God goal: Daily Bible study and prayer. Ugh. I did this like twice. That's the worst. I'm making this my goal again because I'm really unhappy with how badly I did. 0/10 this month, hopefully better next month.

Friends goalRestart lady friend reconnection project. Gosh, I sucked at this too. Solid 0/10. So we're going to help me by taking the pressure off a bit. My goal is to contact the ladies on my list in order, not necessarily on the day I assigned them, but in order. So if I miss someone, I don't just skip on to the next person. Progress stops until I send them a message. That way even if it takes me a little longer, I'll at least reconnect with everyone I want to reconnect such.

This month was a rocky month. I scored 15/50, which is three points lower than I did last month. But I do feel good about having weaned myself off soda (I'll allow myself one a week now but no more and only if we go out to eat) and being on top of my movie reviews. Here's to getting health crap figured out and being in a better place mentally and emotionally at the end of March.

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  1. So seeing your check-in last month inspired me to make my own monthly goals! I'm trying to focus on health, finances, my Spiritual walk and personal improvement (blogging, reading, movies, etc). If you don't mind, I'll share them in a comment here!

    1. Go to the Gym Twice a Week (I went twice one week, and 1 another week, so I got a 3/8 on that one.)
    2. No Fast Food Except for Social Functions, No Buying Treats (I only cheated once on Feb 28th when Elizabeth and I got Arby's together. 9/10!)
    3. Have a 5 Minute Quiet Time Every Evening (I did really badly at this, though I did have one or two mornings with a lengthy prayer time. It was probably 1/10.)
    4. Write 2 Blogs (I wrote one, so 1/2.)
    5. Watch 3-5 Romances (I watched 3, so I made my goal but didn't get bonus points.)

    So for March, these are my goals:
    1. Go to the gym twice a week
    2. No fast food, one store treat a week
    3. Twice a week, go upstairs in the evening for my Quiet Time when I realize I've just been scrolling through Facebook
    4. Write 2 blogs
    5. Eat fruit or veggies once a day at work

    Good luck with your March goals, Hannah! :-D