Monday, May 23, 2011

The First 100 Movies of 2011

I just watched my 100th new-to-me movie of the year. Because I am rather a nerdy listmaker, I've decided to look at some stats about the movies I've seen thus far.

Amount of movies that got a certain star rating from me on my movie blog
0.5 stars - 4
1 star - 7
1.5 stars - 9
2 stars - 9
2.5 stars - 8
3 stars - 27
3.5 stars - 11
4 stars - 19
4.5 stars - 5
5 stars - 1

All the movies that got only half a star were in the last month or two. I either became more willing to rank something extremely low, or just watched a BUNCH of crappy movies lately. (Two were in the last week.)

And the one movie that got 5 stars isn't even technically a movie, but a miniseries - Angels in America. I give 5s out in very, very small doses (Scott Pilgrim got one, but before that the last one I gave 5 to was Moulin Rouge, back in 2004 or so).

How many I watched each month
January - 10
February - 23
March - 24
April - 23
May - 20

January was low because of my J-term class which had me waking up at 5:30, working in the classroom all day, and coming back around 3:30. Then I would eat, sometimes say hi to people, and immediately fall back asleep. However, I then very consistently watched 20+ movies a month. (Of course, May isn't done yet so unless I completely shut down I'm sure I'll have watched more than 20 by the time June rules around.)

How many I watched in each decade
1920s - 3
1930s - 2
1940s - 2
1950s - 3
1960s - 9
1970s - 9
1980s - 14
1990s - 9
2000s - 31
2010s - 15

I had no idea I watched so many movies from the 80s. I did watch quite a few 80s classics, though, now that I look back on them. Pretty in Pink, Aliens, Die Hard, Who Framed Roger Rabbit...

I was going to look up MPAA ratings but that was going to take a long time so I gave up. So I shall just leave with this list:

The Movies I Finally Saw That Everyone Says I Should Have Seen Already
-Pretty in Pink
-Die Hard
-Taxi Driver
-The Grapes of Wrath
-The Wild Bunch
-Cool Hand Luke
-Seven Samurai
-Who Framed Roger Rabbit
-Lawrence of Arabia
-No Country For Old Men

Finally got around to all those. Even enjoyed some of them.

Here's to the next 100.

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