Thursday, May 19, 2011

Playlist: Post-Apocalyptic World

The NaNoWriMo forums have a section where people can ask for music that's good for writing a certain scene, genre, mood, or character (as well as just recommending music for fun). Some of these are wonderful recommendations and I always thought it would be cool to create a giant playlist of all the songs/artists/albums recommended for a scene, so if I ever needed to have that specific kind of atmosphere, I could just set that playing.

Then I decided these would probably be way too awesome to keep to myself. So every once in awhile as I compile playlists, I'll share some of them.

Note that I haven't actually listened personally to most of these songs. These are recommendations made by a group of people (usually not including me). If you find something that really doesn't belong and detracts from the mood, let me know and I'll edit it.

All right. Enough intro. Today's playlist theme: Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland. This is a big one. A whopping 671 songs.

Song Sample (aka "Let's see if this playlist is effective by playing a few songs at random")
1. "Hope" by Apocalyptica
2. "Appendage" by The Future Sound of London
3. "Anti" by Front Line Assembly
4. "Tuva Rock" by Yat-Kha
5. "Hypnotica" by Two Steps From Hell

I do like these in this mix. Lots of different kinds of post-apocalyptic sounds - some more electronic, some more orchestral - but the atmosphere holds up throughout. I don't tend to listen to most of these bands, but, man, are they atmospheric.

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  1. Some nice choices on there. Suitable for many kinds of apocalypse.
    There's quite a lot of overlap with my music collection, too. I'm not sure what this says about my collection...

    Godspeed You! Black Emperor are definitely my post-apocalyptic soundtrack go-to guys. Try watching this perfectly soundtracked video, for example, without an absolutely overwhelming sense of desolation: