Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Helping Out My Google Search Friends

Middle-of-the-night in between Tuesday and Wednesday is now officially Cater to the Google Searches Blog Time!

I'm kind of fascinated by the search keywords that lead people to me. Most of the time, however, I suspect they're very disappointed when they find my blog, because I'm not really addressing their query. So I figured I would do my best to answer those queries here, once a week or so, so that if these people try again to find their answer I can be of more help this time around.

So, without further ado:

alfie boe
I'm afraid I don't know much about him, other than that he's quite good in Les Miserables. And I think I have his version of "Come What May." Wikipedia says he's British and his full name is Alfred Giovanni Roncalli Boe, so it's no wonder he goes by Alfie. He's 37. He's recorded three albums, so if you like him, you should probably buy them.

les miserablesalfie
Well, as I said, Alfie was quote good in Les Miserables.
If you were asking about a crossover fan fiction between Les Mis and the movie Alfie, I'm afraid I don't know of any.
If you were asking about a man whose name is Les Miserable Salfie, I feel really bad for him but can't find any more information about him.

most ridiculous love songs
That's a really tough call. The Bible Sherpa has a pretty decent list here, though. Love-at-first-sight stalker songs are always pretty ridiculous. People should leave suggestions for this in the comments, since I'm clearly having trouble thinking of any.

on glee the football team performed which song
Well, it depends on what episode you're talking about. They danced to "Single Ladies" (which was on my "Most Ridiculous Glee Song Performances" list) way back in season one, but this season they also all sang a fairly awesome mashup of "Thriller/Heads Will Roll." And at this point the football team includes EVERYONE, including all the glee club girls.

so ridiculous song
I'm pretty sure all of Weebl's songs can be categorized as "so ridiculous." However, the most ridiculous song ever is almost certainly "Hate Me Please" from the musical Robert and Elizabeth. That whole musical is ludicrous and written as awkwardly as it can possibly be. Also, any of those most ridiculous love songs could probably fall in this category too.

I hope that has been helpful to all you googlers. Keep searching for stuff and maybe you'll find me - then check back later to see if I answered your question!

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