Monday, June 13, 2011

30 Day Song Challenge: Day 30

Day 30: Your favorite song at this time last year.

Well, that's lame. I'm pretty sure my favorite song last year was still Shiksa Goddess. And while it is kind of fun to go full circle, I am going to go ahead and go with the last song that was a serious contender for favorite song, even though Shiksa Goddess continued to win out in the end.

"Smile" by James Marsters is one of maybe three songs that I can listen to multiple times on repeat. It's pretty and sweet and there's just something about his voice that relaxes me. I love it a lot. It's the song I've listened to the most on (138 plays, which is absurdly high for a single song for me).

And... we're done, people.

At first I had the thought, "Well, now I'll probably never blog again since there won't be anything to remind me to do so..." But then I remembered that while I was in the middle of this challenge, though, someone brought another challenge to my attention - this time a movie-related one. And I do love movies a lot. So I think I'll start off on that one tomorrow. With an equally relaxed time frame (this one was pretty much "whenever I both think of it and feel like choosing something").

Thanks to any of you who followed me through this. I hope you've enjoyed some of these song selections!

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