Saturday, June 4, 2011

iCheckMovies Commenters Are Interesting

I have already shared one story of iCheckMovies commenter entertainment on here, but let me share a few more.

On most movie websites, people post lengthy reviews or brief but uninteresting comments ("OMG so good LOL"). And there are certainly those on iCheckMovies as well... but there are also some very entertaining comments.

A few examples:

Au Revoirs Les Enfants
Commenter 1: A great film. The ending made me hate the Nazis very, very much.
Commenter 2: I used to think the nazis were swell guys but the ending changed my opinion, very much.

Commenter 1: Very good movie, all the injustice made me really angry!
Commenter 2: The injustice made me really satisfied. Break the weak!

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Ah ah ah ah... buried alive, buried alive.

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  1. LOL These are awesome. People are hilarious.