Tuesday, June 28, 2011

50 Day Movie Challenge: Day 1

Time to start this! On my blog schedule I've set aside Tuesdays to do the movie challenge for sure. This means it might actually be a 50-week movie challenge. But I also have a couple days left open in the schedule for either "I wanna write extra stuff" or "NO DON'T WANNA WRITE ANYTHING TODAY." We'll see whether I end up writing these more than once a week.

I found this on Emil's A Swede Talks Movies blog. He in turn got the challenge from Facebook. Some of his choices have been really interesting, so make sure and check his list out too. Like the 30 Day Song Challenge, the idea is that it gives you a topic and you post a clip of your choice for the topic. Except with movies. Not songs.

I will say this: It is extraordinarily difficult to find embeddable movie clips on YouTube. So I'm not even going to bother looking for embedded ones. I'll just link to them. Either way you'd have to click something to see them, so no extra work for you readers, I promise. :-)

50 Day Movie Challenge Day 1: Your favorite movie.

I don't have a single favorite movie. I have four at the top of my FlickChart that keep rotating around because I can't choose between them. I think I'm going to choose the one that has the smallest chance of popping up again in later posts, since I want to make sure it's represented, and that is Casablanca.

One of the amazing things about this movie is how well it still holds together after almost seventy years. It's so solidly put together. Everything just fits. The performances are wonderful. It's got a great romance, a great sense of humor, and a great mystery. Every time I watch it I get caught up in the story and find little subtleties I hadn't found before. If you haven't seen this, I strongly urge you to go find it and watch it. Right. Now.

I'm going to link to my favorite scene. For those who aren't familiar with the film, it takes place in French Morocco, during World War II when the country is controlled by the Germans. That gives a little bit of back story. I'm not an overly patriotic person and am usually unenthusiastic about "I love my country" moments in movies, but this scene is beautifully, beautifully done. It's so simple and yet so inspiring.

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  1. Thanks for the shout-out! Really looking forward to seeing your picks as the Challenge goes on.

    As for Casablanca, it's one of those iconic films I still haven't gotten around to checking out. I'll try to do something about that soon enough.