Sunday, June 17, 2012

Sim Sunday: Introducing Our Characters

A few weeks ago, I decided I wanted to do a series on my blog about my (silly) adventures playing Sims 2. I put out a call on Facebook for anybody who wanted me to create a sim for them and set them loose in my simworld to report on every week. I had quite a few adding themselves to a waiting list, so if any of my characters in here die (and it is a possibility - Simworld is a dangerous place!), I can eventually replace them with those on the waiting list.

I think I'll play one day per blog entry. That should have enough happening to keep it interesting, but move it along at a good speed.

Today I'm just introducing you to the sims. In alphabetical order, because that's the way they show up in the game.

I forgot that whenever I take a picture in Sims, it's always much further away than I think it is. Heh. So these full body shots are all rather small. But here they are.

This is Barbara, created by movie blogger friend Travis. Her life aspiration is pleasure, which means she wants to get as much pure fun out of life as she can. Pleasure aspiration sims like to party and go new places. However, it's worth noting that she's also on the grouchy and serious side, which may make her a terrible party person. We shall find out. Her lifetime goal is to become the best in the Slacker career path, although her short-term goals are to get a job either in the Criminal or Culinary career paths, so, once again, her lifetime goals conflict a little bit with the rest of her. It's also worth noting that right now one of her biggest fears is using a public toilet. It seems we have a bit of a germaphobe on our hands.

This is Dsean, created by my New Life Drama Company traveling buddy Ebenezer. His life aspiration is popularity, so he wants to have as many friends as possible. His fears right now include being enemies with everyone else in the house, which, right now, are the only people he knows. He ultimately wants to be a chef, although right now he wants to be an athlete, but it seems his favorite thing to talk about is fashion, so I think the culinary arts are at least a closer fit for him. I'm not sure he'll make many friends talking about fashion at sporting events.

This is Kali, created by my Rinkie friend Kalimeris. Her life aspiration is fortune, so right now all her short-term goals are things like, "Buy a sculpture! Earn $100! Buy an expensive stereo!" She wants to be a doctor. However, despite having a fortune aspiration, she DOES NOT WANT to talk about money. At all. So I think she just wants to be a secret money hoarder. She is also afraid of public toilets. Perhaps she and Barbara can bond over their love of the toilet in their own home.

This is Lysander, created by my college friend Paul. His life aspiration is romance. This basically means he's a sleaze who wants to sleep with as many other sims as possible. In fact, his goals right now are to sleep with someone and to buy a double bed so he can sleep with someone. He wants to get on the Slacker career path as well, so maybe he and Barbara can be Slacker workers together. He hates talking about entertainment and fashion and would much rather talk about money.

This is Michael, created by my Rinkie friend Randy. His life aspiration: knowledge. He instantly wants to buy a bookcase and a telescope and get a job as a doctor. (Apparently RinkWorks breeds doctors.) As with a few of the others, his favorite talking points kind of clash with his goals. He hates talking about health. Hates it. Which might make medical work uncomfortable. He'd rather talk about crime and the paranormal. So ghost vandalism is probably his favorite conversation topic ever.

This is Odelia, created by my community college friend Laura. She wants to be a lawyer, which is fun, because we seem to have a couple duplicate job goals in he game so far, so new is nice. Her life aspiration is family, which means she's going to at some point want to settle down, get married, and have a kid. All sims are bisexual, so there could be a budding romance between her and any other sims in the house. Or someone else she randomly meets and then invites to live with all of us in the house. Who knows?

Next time on Sims...
I will try to buy them some furniture (their house is pretty empty, as you can see) and get at least some of them jobs. That's about it.


  1. I should like to note that I modeled Barbara after Barbara Gordon because I've been reading the new Batgirl comic book and really enjoying that. I wasn't sure quite how closely Hannah could get this Sim character to resemble Babs, but I have to say this is bang on!

    Also, the fear of public toilets did not originate with me but given that I have Crohn's disease it's actually quite apropos!

    1. *I* wasn't sure how close I could get, but I'm pretty happy with how this one turned out. Her eyes are amusingly huge compared to all the other sims (I'll have to get some close-ups in the next couple weeks to show off their facial features).

      I forgot to add this to Michael's description, but, like Kali and Barbara, he also fears public toilets. Clearly they should not go out for a long extended night on the town any time soon.

  2. Great I'm a slacker slut with a double bed ... Right on track lol =P

    1. LOL! You don't have a double bed yet... but probably by next week you will. Otherwise you'll go through sim life miserable and unable to fulfill any of your goals.