Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sim Sunday: Roommate Drama

All right, time to play a day in the life of the chosen sims! Let's get this party started.

First thing, before I really even start playing with them, is I need to get their house set up. They have a place to live, but they'll need a few essentials. Right now I'm going to go with the absolute bare essentials and get them beds, a trash can, a fridge, a smoke detector (because nothing is more frustrating than your sims killing everyone in a fire started when they tried to make grilled cheese), a phone, a couple chairs, and a couple lights. Their place already comes equipped with a stove, a toilet, and a shower. As they demand more things, I will get them more things, but this is what they really need before anything even starts.

There are so many people living in such a small house here that I didn't have room to put in six beds, so one of them is going to have to sleep on the couch. Or they'll rotate their sleeping schedules so that the six of them aren't sleeping all at once. As it is, we've got a pretty funky bed pattern going on:

We have two in the smaller room and three more at very odd angles in the larger room. I'm pretty sure I have enough room for everyone to get to all the beds, but if not... sims aren't known for their ability to maneuver around things. If there's a dish sitting on the floor between them and their goal, they will stop, yell at me, and then just give up if I don't move it.

In the living room, I put a couch so there's at least one more place for someone to sleep, and then decided I needed some chairs. I went with the creepy panda face chairs. Just because. And then I decided to surround the couch with creepy panda face chairs so that the pandas are guarding the sleeping person because that's not terrifying at all.

All right. Now that we have the essentials, time to get everyone jobs. Any minute now, people are going to show up to welcome our crew to the neighborhood and help them make some friends (which should be great for Dsean, whose popularity aspiration means he absolutely loves meeting new people and making new friends), and I want at least some of you to get some jobs before you have to devote your time to... ugh... socializing.

(Whoa. While Michael was looking for a job, Dsean tried to hug Barbara, and she got very mad at him.)

The newspaper only offers three career options a day, and today the options are military, business, and political, which I don't think anyone in our group wants, so we're out of luck until tomorrow. (Unless I buy a computer and give them more job options, but I don't think that's going to happen.) So today might be a lazy day.

Whoa again. While I was busy checking on everybody else (Michael and Kali are both cooking and I do not want to start a fire already), Dsean and Barbara were building up some serious bad blood. I went over to check on them and their relationship is at -29. I decided to push this a little further and had Dsean irritate Barbara by "grossing her out."

She's clearly pretty displeased. However, one of Dsean's fears is being enemies with Barbara, so I made him apologize and then set him on a track to try to get onto better terms with her.

However, Lysander and Kali are getting along great... In fact, Kali's pretty attracted to him, and flirts with him a little bit. She caught him at a bad moment, though - he was taking the trash out and when she interrupted him to flirt, he just dumped it all on the ground, so I'm going to have to make him pick it up later. This picture is of him swooning in response to her charming him.

Eventually, some visitors arrived to welcome us to the neighborhood. These visitors actually turned out to be myself, my brother Nathan, and my sister Bethany. I forgot I had made sim versions of us awhile back. So I guess I'll be featured in this game occasionally now too. Everyone interacts with them a bit and then it gets overwhelming having that any people around and I send myself and my siblings back home.

This is sim me.
Lysander continues to flirt with everyone he encounters. (He and Barbara apparently have pretty strong chemistry, so expect something to happen there soon.)

Oh, great. Kali sets the kitchen on fire while making macaroni and cheese.

While the firefighters arrive rapidly, this is all too much for Odelia, who had "fire" listed as one of her fears. She collapses to the floor. A therapist comes down from the sky and reassures her. As soon as she seems to have collected herself a bit, he leaves.

She's apparently not worried at all about fire again, as he goes right back to the kitchen to make herself some food.

The fire has made everyone gross and smelly, so they all go off to take showers. Uh, Odelia continues to have problems, as she cradles and sings to a bag of flour. I don't remember what that's an indicator of in Sims, but it can't be good.

The rest of the evening is pretty low-key. I buy Odelia a bookcase because she's still pretty depressed about the fire, and that helps. Lysander does some reading but apparently decides he'd rather sit on the floor right in front of the TV. Then when he does, he thinks some rather negative thoughts about Michael. What? I'm not sure he and Michael have even interacted yet.

I send everyone to bed at 11 p.m., and it's been a pretty long day, so they all go along with it (except for Kali, who decides she needs a snack first).

Tomorrow/next week, I *really* hope I can get them some jobs. They've got to do something besides just sit around the house all day. And making money would be good.


  1. It would be my character that sets the kitchen on fire first making mac and cheese. These are things I feel I am entirely capable of.

    1. My favorite personal cooking adventure: I set a stick of butter on fire while babysitting my siblings. My mom was out of town and my dad was at work. All I wanted to do was soften the butter a little bit on the toaster, but I forgot about it, and then the wrapper burst into flames.

      Also, sims are REALLY prone to setting things on fire. I'm sure everyone else will get their turn.

  2. This cracked me up. Especially this part:

    "Uh, Odelia continues to have problems, as she cradles and sings to a bag of flour. I don't remember what that's an indicator of in Sims, but it can't be good."

    I haven't played Sims very much (or for a few versions), but I'm pretty sure mine just walked around, left dishes on the floor, and screamed at me because I wouldn't let them watch TV all day. Or something. They weren't nearly this entertaining!

    1. Well, that was a pretty eventful day, what with the fire and all. It all might settle down and be much less dramatic as the story goes on... but hopefully not! Sims are so much more entertaining when there's all sorts of craziness happening.