Friday, November 22, 2013

Potential Facebook Statuses

Blog note: Sorry, no Skye today. While the arthritis in my wrist and fingers is being fairly well soothed by my new meds, I've had a week of horrific neck pain. It doesn't feel like arthritis, but rather like I've been sleeping wrong. Whatever the reason, it's made it extremely difficult for me to sit up for long periods of time, and between work and NaNo I never made it to writing this blog. Back next week!

I have been playing for the last week and a half or so with, a website that takes your Facebook statuses, scrambles them up, and suggests new statuses made up of the old ones. Sometimes the results can be quite entertaining. To give you some kind of blog today, here are a few of my favorites from the last week:

I've fallen asleep, Jacob and I have to have my hair cut and they said, Oh, no, you

CLOAK! CLOAK! trying to go to school naked shower boy and illustrated by its towels, apparently.

Now Adam and half of various alreadyreleased songs & say goodbye to Jacob and I were all brilliant and not have to HU.

Sometimes it is the next month!

So, my teeth must grow back together!

I got to do illegal things.

Sometimes you just have to pour into something else.

A Weekend in front of our basement is way scarier than anything outside.

It asked her except if the jigglyeyed spiders growing in my mouth, then he was cast in a helicopter, the helicopter will explode in midair and then I WILL to answer his TV but a little while before I get crazy

Both in for an old friend of Dads, one was a duck. Not much a little complicated for the way THROUGH.

I got beautiful if Mama meets Jesus TONIIIIIIIIGHT, we got dyslexia and I am overwhelmed once again I'm open to connect to get going, but I could keep track of my car curled up in my head all day, that

Elizabeth was sitting in total silence for like ten minutes trying to complain about a pear tree!

My mom got nothin' on drugs, but...

Nothing wakes me up in the midst of friends

I'm desperate to start inhaling other animals.

and then Hannibal Lecter didn't know he was allergic to eat/sleep/drink water/get out

It's all good, because if I'm gonna complain, I might have a Les Mis themed wedding!

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  1. You know, I think you actually have posted a few of these...! :P

    I hope you feel better soon!