Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Song Lyric Game!

If all has gone according to plan, today I am in Pennsylvania. So here is a scheduled blog for you guys!

Well, this seems like a good time to put together a song lyric game, though I did do that fairly recently, but they make for an easy scheduled blog. The best part is, since I'm on the road, I don't know how often I'll be checking email, so your comments may not get displayed right away. That way nobody can cheat by reading everyone else's answers. :-) Though I suppose you could all still Google the answers. But whatever. I don't think anyone's been cheating anyway.

Answers will be posted next Monday.

1. Ain't no way for me to love you if you won't let me.
(Cover version)

2. I'm not surprised, not everything lasts, I've broken my heart so many times I stopped keeping track.
(Cover version)

3. No man, no madness, though his sad power may prevail, can possess, conquer my country's heart, they rise to fail.
(Cover version.)

4. When I'm with you, baby, I go out of my head and I just can't get enough, and I just can't get enough.
(Cover version.)

5. I gotta get through this, I gotta get through this, I gotta make, gotta make it, gotta make it through.

6. Hark, how the bells, sweet silver bells, all seem to say throw cares away.
(Cover version. This is, um... a LOT of covers. Heh.)

7. I know this pain, why do you lock yourself up in these chains?

8. Aww, kittens! Look at the puppy! Cute little hamster! Chinchilla! Death! A stack of goths!
(That is the entire song.)

9. Bossy's thin as a fishing pole, Bessie's flat as a flounder.

10. I'm not a witch, I've nothing you've heard, I'm you, you, you.

11. Who's to say what's not okay, the breakaways will outlast, will outlast.

12. I hope you hang yourself with your H&M scarf.

13. I can smell the death on the sheets, covering me, I can't believe this is the end.

14. I wanted to be with you alone and talk about the weather.

15. Tonight, tonight, the Tonys were tonight, and Elton's Billy was all the rage.

16. They tried to make me go to rehab, but I said no, no, no.
(Cover version.)

17. I'll never be a knight in armor with a sword in hand or a kamikaze fighter.
(This is one of my favorite songs in the entire world. If you don't know it, you should look it up IMMEDIATELY.)

18. I am not dead yet, I can dance and I can sing.

19. Was I the only one to notice human nature doesn't work that way?

20. We are standing at the crossroads and now it's time for you to go your way and me to go mine.

21. Very superstitious, writing's on the wall.
(Cover version)

22. Hello, yes, this is Dog.

23. She grew up on the north side but now she lives in Darwin.

24. Alas, alas for you, lawyers and pharisees, hypocrites that you be!

25. Sometimes I kinda miss the old XJ9 that we used to call Jane.

Well, uh, good luck with these. A lot of them are... really weird and obscure. And not in a cool hipster way. In a "why do you even have this song?" way.

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