Saturday, August 6, 2011

Movies This Week

I only saw six since my last Movies This Week post, but it wasn't a bad movie week. If nothing else, it was a productive one - I watched three more Woody Allen movies, leaving only six left in his filmography (as I mentioned in my last blog entry).

Anyway. On to the movies.

Every Thing You Always Wanted to Know About Sex * But Were Afraid to Ask (1972). This film consists of 7 short segments about sex, but it's a very uneven collection. Some of the segments are creative and original, some are bland and unfunny. Really choppy. 2.5/5.

Opening Night (1977). I should have loved this - it's a movie about theater and some sort of mental illness. But interspersing the action with scenes from the play didn't really work for me, and I fought to make it through. 3/5.

Anything Else (2003). An uninteresting little story of a couple's relationship. Sometimes called Woody Allen's worst film ever, but I didn't hate it like I hated Celebrity or Whatever Works. It's bland but not offensively so, and Christina Ricci is charming. 2.5/5.

Love and Death (1975). An unashamedly silly and ridiculous story of, well, love and death in 19th century Russia. Its zany dialogue reminded me at many points of Marx Brothers comedy. I loved this one. 4/5.

The Lost Boys (1987). Teen vampire movie that's achieved a cult following. This movie is RIDICULOUS. So cheesy, so many stupid "Wha?!" moments. I laughed at this movie, but I'm not sure it was at any of the points I was supposed to laugh at. However, I kind of can't stop listening to "Cry Little Sister." 1.5/5.

The Man Who Wasn't There (2001). Coen Brothers film noir about a barber unsatisfied with his life. I liked this a lot - far more than I like most noir. I feel like this one is going to stick with me. The atmosphere is extremely vivid and fascinating. 4/5.

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