Saturday, August 20, 2011

Movies This Week

I watched six movies this week... and realizing this may be the last time for awhile where I can watch 5-7 movies in one week, as I'm heading back to school next Wednesday. Silly life, keeping me from my movie watching.

Anyway. This week's movies:

Ponyo (2008). Hayao Miyazaki film about a goldfish who wants to be human. Mostly adorable, but occasionally mind-numbingly boring, and I'm not sure what age range it's supposed to be for. 3/5.

Source Code (2011). Sci-fi/action/thriller by Duncan Jones, who previously did Moon, which I loved. I don't really want to give away the plot, so no details here. I didn't like it as much as I liked Moon - the ending didn't quite work for me - but the premise is great and worked out in a really interesting way. 4/5.

The Last Temptation of Christ (1988). Martin Scorsese's controversial movie about Jesus' life. Everything leading up to the controversial part was mostly uninteresting, and everything after it felt silly. Disappointing, because I thought I might love it. 2/5.

The Majestic (2001). Jim Carrey plays a 1950s blacklisted screenwriter who gets amnesia and ends up in a small town, where he is mistaken for a soldier presumed dead. This movie has good intentions, but it's very sappy and the ending really pushed my suspension of belief limits. 2.5/5.

Marvin's Room (1996). Drama about a woman diagnosed with leukemia and her relationship with her estranged sister. Very good acting from Meryl Streep and Leonardo DiCaprio, but Diane Keaton never quite works in her role for me, so the whole thing falls flat. 3/5.

The Lion King 2: Simba's Pride (1998). The direct-to-video sequel to The Lion King poorly imitates all the good things about the first film and it just ends up being a bland mess. 1/5.

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