Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Music of the Week

Well, it's probably time for a blog entry.

Here's a sampling of some of the music I've been listening to this week. I do this with movies, so why not with music as well?

Jonathan Coulton - Nemeses. He released this to his faithful followers who signed up with his new newsletter format, and I like it. It's no Skullcrusher Mountain, but JoCo's work tends to grow on me... and it's certainly made me very excited about his new album, whenever it ends up being released.

Derek Webb - Democracy, Vol. 1 and Democracy, Vol. 2, both albums that I did not know existed. How did I not know this? I love Derek Webb. I follow him on Twitter. How'd I miss this? It's two albums of covers voted on by his listeners - whatever the top 10 were, he covered them and released them one at a time over 10 months. Vol. 2 is halfway done, so I have the first 5. So far my favorite of all of them is his cover of "God Only Knows" by the Beach Boys. It just sounds GOOD. He also almost makes me like "One" by U2. *Almost*. He makes it just melancholy enough that it sometimes isn't too boring.

Andrew Bird - It's Not Easy Being Green. I found this cover via tweet and I *love* it. I've always kind of loved the song anyway, and I have a cover by Sam Harris as well, but Andrew Bird's version is just gorgeous.

David Tennant & Catherine Tate - We Go Together. This is mostly for the pure joy of hearing that David Tennant can indeed sing a little bit. He's no Michael Buble, but he sure is fun to listen to for the duration of this song.

Yeah, I watched The Lost Boys this past week and while I didn't care for the movie at all, I really enjoyed the soundtrack and went to acquire these.

They Might Be Giants - Birdhouse In Your Soul. I'm pretty sure I've heard this song before. I just can't think where. But this has become my newest favorite. It's such a cheerful little song. I keep listening to it and smiling.

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