Thursday, January 12, 2012

Top 5, Bottom 5: Movies of 2011

I discussed my favorite movies I saw in 2011, but realized just today this would be a good opportunity for a Top 5, Bottom 5 feature.

Top 5:
1. Midnight In Paris (#135 on my Flickchart). I've discussed this already on my top movies of 2011 post. It's delightful and charming and easily Woody Allen's best movie in YEARS.
2. The Beaver (#218). Also discussed on the top movies of 2011 post. Bizarre and quirky but also extremely touching.
3. Crazy, Stupid Love (#314). A very satisfying romantic comedy. It's going to drop on my Flickchart in the future, I'm sure, but right now I feel like keeping it way up there in the 300s.
4. Super 8 (#376). An interesting mystery with some not-annoying child acting, which is a big accomplishment as far as I'm concerned.
5. Paul (#380). A beautifully nerdy comedy that made me laugh out loud several times. I ended my mini review on my blog with the sentence, "I suspect this is how I as a girl am supposed to feel after watching romantic comedies."

Bottom 5:
1. Hop (#1519). This movie makes absolutely no sense and hardly got any laughs from the audience of children I saw it with. That doesn't bode well for a children's movie.
2. Paranormal Activity 3 (#1374). Would this movie have been more interesting if I'd seen the first two first? Maybe... but probably not.
3. 30 Minutes or Less (#942). Very, very few laughs in this movie. Should probably be lower on my chart.
4. Our Idiot Brother (#912). Honestly, I hardly remember this movie at all. Clearly a memorable viewing, huh?
5. Unknown (#911). Not a bad idea for a thriller, but the plot was ridiculous and the acting bizarre.

I didn't see as many terrible movies in 2011 as I thought I might have. Most of those bottom 5 were just... uninteresting.

(Although, really, I should do one for 2010 now, or do this one in 2012, because I don't see most of the year's movies until they're out on DVD anyway.)

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