Friday, January 13, 2012

Turntable Playlist: These People Drive Me Crazy

My latest website obsession is I have a private room set up and sometimes my friends and I will go in there and play songs together. Most of the time we just play whatever we want, but every so often we'll play around with a theme, and I figured I'd go ahead and post a list of the songs we played - in case you are ever in need of a themed playlist tailored to the musical taste of my friends and I.

I encountered some frustrating people today and so decided in honor of that, we should play songs about being annoyed or angry with people. Individuals or in general, didn't matter.

The asterisked ones are mine. DJs jump in and out sometimes, which is why the amount of songs between my plays changes.

1. The All-American Rejects - Gives You Hell
*2. Kate Miller-Heidke - God's Gift to Women
3. Get Set Go – I Hate Everyone
4. Relient K – Mood Rings
5. Eminem – Love The Way You Lie
*6. "Weird Al" Yankovic – Stop Forwarding That Crap To Me
7. Pentatonix – Forget You \/ Since U Been Gone
8. Charlie Daniels Band – Simple Man
9. P!nk – So What
*10. Groovelily – Happy, Happy, Happy
11. Riki Lindhome – Self Esteem
12. Suicidal Tendencies – Institutionalized
13. Idina Menzel – No Good Deed
14. Rihanna – Take A Bow
*15. The Lonely Island – Normal Guy (Interlude)
16. Bowling For Soup – Here's Your Freakin' Song
17. Social Distortion – Ball And Chain
18. Evanescence – Call Me When You're Sober
19. Relient K – Which To Bury; Us Or The Hatchet?
*20. Bowling For Soup – A Friendly Goodbye
21. Beastie Boys – Sabotage
22. Pink – There You Go
23. Adele – Rolling In The Deep
*24. Justin Timberlake – Cry Me A River
25. Five Iron Frenzy – Handbook For The Sellout
26. Ray Charles – Hit The Road Jack
27. No Doubt – Ex-Girlfriend
*28. Superchic[k] – bowling ball
29. Claude-Michel Schönberg – The Confrontation
30. Plain White T's – Hate (I Really Don't Like You)
31. Lit – My Own Worst Enemy
*32. Original Cast – I Hate the French
33. Metallica – Seek & Destroy
*34. Jemina Pearl – I Hate People

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