Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Movie Challenge (Day 6)

Day 6: Biggest movie character crush.

Oh, boy. There are some pretty amazing movie characters out there, and I have fallen in love with a lot of them. But I'm pretty sure it's always going to have to come back to my very first movie character crush... Han Solo from the original Star Wars trilogy. In fact, I had a crush on Han Solo before I had a crush on anyone I knew in real life, back when I was 11 or so. Not usually a fan of the "supposed mercenary with a heart of gold" type character, but Han's a great character with a nice snarky sense of humor.

Hard to choose my favorite Han Solo moment, too, so here's this one.


  1. Ha, I think when I did this question, I debated for a long time between Han Solo and Indiana Jones. There was no question it would be one of them. I went with Indy, though. Still, Han was a very close second.

  2. Jandy: I saw Star Wars awhile before I saw the Indy movies, so I fell in love with Han first... but it's quite possible that if I had seen them at the same time or if I saw Indy first, that that character would've taken this spot. Ah, young Harrison Ford...

  3. Yeah, that makes total sense. I saw both trilogies at about the same time, and Indy being an academic as well as an adventurer pushed me over the edge. Sigh.