Sunday, March 11, 2012

Top 10 Statuses of February

I was pretty quiet on Facebook in February, and then most of my statuses were informative rather than witty, but here are the top 10 most-liked/most-commented statuses of last month (in order from most popular to less popular... also, this post is several days late).

I was dancing a little to my iPod music as I waited by myself in line at the HUB. Then I realized I was listening to "Dancing With Myself" and it was awesome.

While I was making my peanut butter sandwich, I accidentally dropped the jar of peanut butter, which landed on my plate and flipped my sandwich into the air. The sandwich then landed perfectly back on the plate. That was kind of awesome.

I bought new headphones tonight. I may or may not have taken the twisty tie from the packaging and fashioned it into an impromptu toe ring. In fact, I am probably not wearing it right this very moment as I type.

And the weekend draws to a close. Had a lovely dinner time with Nathaniel Adams, a lovely devo time with Jacob Keefer, and now I will have a lovely sleep time with Hannah Megill before I have to be awake in like 6 hours. (Also, I can tag myself in a Facebook status? Why?)

Well, that was a lovely day with Jacob, Breana and Nathaniel. "I want to be a shapeshifter. So I can take any shape I want." "You mean like... a circle?"

Quote of the day, from a student who had just had the plot of Pygmalion explained to her: "It's like a British Miss Congeniality." Why, yes. The subtext of that play clearly indicated Eliza was... what, an MI6 agent posing as a flower girl posing as a duchess?

Unsubscribing to someone but not unfriending them is pretty much saying, "I want to secretly not be friends with you." It sure does come in handy around election season, though. People get *mean* about politics. Not to mention obsessive.

"Someday My Prince Will Come" just played on iTunes, and I was once again struck by how silly Snow White is. The dwarfs eagerly request details: "Was he strong and handsome? Was he big and tall?" and Snow White dreamily responds, "There's nobody like him anywhere at all." Sure, because THAT answers their questions.

Me: I need to shower RIGHT NOW so I can then go to sleep.

So the warm weather means it's comfortable... But it also means the Frisbee-playing crazies at HU have reemerged to throw Frisbees DIRECTLY AT MY HEAD.

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