Monday, March 12, 2012

The Movie Challenge (Take 2)

Hey, remember when I tried to do the 50 Day Movie Challenge last year? And it failed miserably because I posted one time and then forgot about it? Well, movie blogger Brittany Rivera over at Snap. Crackle. Pop... Culture has started on the Facebook movie challenge as well, and I thought, "Right! That's fun! I should try that again!"

But you know what's happened since that first movie challenge thing started? There are now alternate versions all over the place. So it's no longer 30 or 50 all together... there are at least four different possible lists. Some of them are duplicates, yes, but all four have some unique questions. So I'm going to try this again and work through all four of these lists. I have them all in a list and am going to choose a question at random from it until I'm done with all of them. (Or, well, at least that's the plan.)

So here goes.

The one time I posted, the question was about my favorite movie, and I said Casablanca. So I'm not answering that question again if it comes up.

Day 2 - Favorite book-to-movie adaptation.
Oh, this is an easy one for me. I read High Fidelity by Nick Hornby in high school and loved it, and I was pretty worried to watch the movie adaptation. The book had such vivid, interesting characters, and I was certain that the movie would never be able to measure up to it. Something would be done wrong. Something would be terrible.

But, it turns out, nothing was.

With the sole exception of Ian (and even then not too much), every single character was exactly how I had imagined them to be from the book. I suddenly understood what people meant when they talked about characters they knew coming to life on the screen. It was almost eerie how well it matched. Even when there were changes from the book as far as plot, the characters were so true to the spirit of the book that it didn't really matter.

It's been a little while since I rewatched this one, but even just watching this clip I found on YouTube makes me want to go back and watch it again. I'd do it right now, except I left the copy I got for Christmas at home in Illinois. Whoops.

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