Monday, May 28, 2012

Top 5, Bottom 5: The 1970s

I've frequently heard it called one of the greatest decades in movie-making history... and it's also one of the ones I've seen fewest movies from. I've seen more movies from the '60s than from the '70s, and, in general, I like the '60s better. With that in mind, and because I have been lazy all weekend and didn't have an actual blog post ready, here are my top 5 and bottom 5 1970s movies, according to Flickchart.

Top 5:
1. Annie Hall (1977, my #4). No surprise here. I love this movie ever so much.
2. Monty Python and the Holy Grail (1974, my #36). For some reason I had completely forgotten that this was made in the 1970s. I saw it listed on here and actually thought, "But that was in the 1980s." Which is ridiculous and incorrect. I do love Monty Python, and this is my favorite of all their movies.
3. Star Wars (1977, my #44). I am indeed a Star Wars nerd. Although Empire is my favorite, I like this one a lot too.
4. Star Spangled Girl (1971, my #46). A pretty great movie adaptation of my favorite Neil Simon play. Admittedly, I like this one as much as I do mostly because I love the play so much.
5. All the President's Men (1976, my #56). I should own this movie. I don't know why I don't yet. It's a wonderfully written drama.

Bottom 5:
1. Star Wars Holiday Special (1978, my #1707 out of 1712). As much as I enjoy a truly terrible movie, this one has long, long boring stretches in between the hilarious absurdities.
2. Blood Waters of Dr. Z (1971, my #1705). Saw this on an MST3K episode and had the same reaction - it's not even amusingly terrible, just boring.
3. Squirm (1976, my #1686). Not only boring, but also pretty disgusting. I don't do well with worms to begin with. Thousands of them writhing around after 2 hours of awful dialogue is pretty much a recipe for a movie I will hate.
4. Mr. Superinvisible (1970, my #1666). Saw this as a child and I remember thinking even then that it was pretty stupid. I saw bits of it again as an adult and realized, "Wow, this is terrible."
5. Laserblast (1978, my #1624). As with most of the others on my list, this is just boring.

How about you guys - what are some of your favorites and least favorites from this decade?

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