Friday, May 25, 2012


I don't read a LOT of webcomics, but I do read a few, including a few that I haven't seen a lot of people mentioning all over the bloggerwebnet, so I thought for today's post I'd tell you some of my favorites.

Some don't have any explanation because a lot of them are pretty similar in format and in humor - nearly all are mixes of cynicism, snark, nerdiness, absurdity, and terrible puns. I don't do a lot of heavily plot-based ones, except for the occasional burst of energy where I attempt to catch up on Sluggy Freelance, which is hilarious, but SO PLOTTY. I have never managed to catch up on it.

The Perry Bible Fellowship (Hardly ever updated these days, but the archive is well worth reading)
Cyanide and Happiness
Garfield Minus Garfield (Garfield comic strips with Garfield taken out of them)
Hipster Hitler (Exactly what that sounds like)
Horse_eComics (Comics based on the Horse_eBooks Twitter feed)
CAPTCHArt (Comics based on CAPTCHAs)
Luke Surl Comics
Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
T-Rex Trying (Chronicling the adventures of T-Rexes attempting to do things)
xkcd (Of course)
Irregular Webcomic (On a rerun kick right now)

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  1. One recommendation out of the entirely too many webcomics I read:

    Subnormality. Long-winded, infrequently updated, often not amusing, but usually strikingly insightful.