Monday, May 7, 2012

Top Facebook Statuses of April

Holy cow, it's May already.

So here are my top 10 most popular statuses in April.

It has now been six months since Jacob and I made our relationship official (after our two weeks of secret kinda-sorta dating unofficially). SIX MONTHS. Time moves so fast. It's been a wonderful time, filled with prayer walks, silly hypotheticals, encouraging conversations, and a fantastic stuffed animal monster. Now on we go to the next six.
Fun story: This got THIRTY-SIX likes. I was kind of floored by how many people liked it. I told Jacob we apparently had a fan club, and he responded, "We'll have to tag them in each and every thing we post on each other's walls!" I think he's right. They've all just inadvertently signed up for the Jacob-and-me newsletter.

Going out to eat alone with a good book is always used as a sign of terrible loneliness on movies and TV shows, but I find it deeply peaceful, satisfying, and invigorating.

It's just Seth and me hanging out at home tonight. I walked into the living room where he was and yelled, "PARTY TIME, youngest brother!" He solemnly replies, "Well, to start the party, we could both mention some movies we saw recently - it doesn't matter if the other person has seen them or not - and then we talk about them." Yup, he's my brother all right.

And this, children, is why you should NOT just click "change" on everything when you spell check a document. I just read a student-written play featuring the inspiring line, "It's going to be okay. Everything is going to be airtight."

Getting an EXTREMELY encouraging student teaching evaluation is such a nice way to close out the week. I can't believe I only have 3 more weeks here. Dang.

Me: I want jalapeno poppers.
Elizabeth: No! They're gross! They pop in your face!
Me: I think you have them confused with balloons.
Sometimes that happens. I'm glad I could set her straight.

To anyone who may have just walked by me and heard me announce in song that I was a Mormon, I'm not. Sorry for any confusion. I'm very tired and singing along with my iPod is no longer entirely voluntary.

I have the best friends ever. Got a random package of awesome stuff from Jennie today, including such essentials as little green army men, pens and pencils, a mini Slinky, and, best of all, FOOD - just as I was about to run out of meals and be stuck with peanut butter & jelly the entire rest of the semester! That just made my day.

(Playing Last Word. The subject is "Things you fold," the letter is W.)
Elizabeth: Water rags!
Me: ...What's a water rag?
Elizabeth: It's a rag for water.
Me: What do you DO with a water rag?
Rebekah: You fold it!

‎(In Turntable. Randy had rejoined us after a break.)
Randy: We still themeing?
10Kan: 3:00 or less, now.
Sentynel: Yeah, under 3 minutes.
Me: how to make a boiled egg costume
Me: Er.
Me: That is not our theme.
Me: That is a misplaced paste.
Sentynel: I don't think I could find many songs on that theme.
10Kan: I would totally listen to a song about that.

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