Monday, March 25, 2013

An Introvert's Simple Pleasures

Too often in the introvert/extrovert conversation, it turns into "this is why being an introvert is especially difficult." I love being an introvert, now that I've accepted it as a part of my life. Here are a few of the things that I think of as being the things that bring me true joy because I am introverted.
  • Sitting outside somewhere secluded with my headphones and MP3 player, able to really get lost in the music
  • That moment when my house has been full of people, but then they all leave and my house is completely quiet
  • Seeing a movie when I am the only one in the theater
  • Eating dinner with a good friend in a mostly-empty restaurant
  • Getting into a passionate discussion about deep issues with a friend
  • Finding a corner of the library where nobody goes and sitting back there, reading and surrounded by bookshelves
  • Taking a walk by myself
  • Standing in the middle of a crowd in a big city and knowing not one of them wants to talk to me
  • Crying in the middle of a crowd in a big city and knowing it's safe because nobody is going to ask me if I'm okay
  • Finding somebody else who's as introverted as you are
  • Standing on the stage in an empty auditorium or theater
  • Going into a store where nobody asks me if I need anything
  • Also, late night grocery store runs when practically nobody's there
  • ALSO, self checkout
What are yours? What are the things that feed your introverted soul?

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