Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Movie Reviews by Jessie (Part 5)

All right, Jessie. What do you have to offer us this week?
A Prairie Home Companion - Do you know how many praire movies are out right now. i mean seriously. Honestly i think some people have no taste. i mean i bet there are many good praire movies but i am yet to find them.
I actually don't know how many prairie movies were out at that point. (She wrote this review December 15, 2006.) I'm also not sure you can count A Prairie Home Companion as a prairie movie. It just happens to have that word in the title. It's really about radio and musicians and quirky characters.
My Girl 2 - My girl was so sad and i do not think that i could bear to watch another sad movie like this one. although i think that this movie has definite happy potential.
Just look at the cover! People look happy! That's some definite happy potential right there.
The Little Mermaid II - OMG!!! i think i still have this movie but i mean seriosly i understand that some movies were meant to be made into a sequel but others are not. Although this movie was good, had a good plot, and had good .... i must say that The Little Mermaid was not meant to be turned into a sequel.
I'm a little concerned that not only does Little Mermaid have a sequel, it's actually been turned into a sequel. As in, The Little Mermaid is now a sequel... to itself?
Scooby-Doo 2 - to me i prefer the first one but this one had much better features. first of all i think that since the characters had already played in a movie they did much better in acting
Yup. That was the problem with the first one. The actors just hadn't been in a movie yet. None of them. And as soon as they were in a movie, they learned how acting works. Unless she actually means the characters, that Velma and Shaggy and Fred and Daphne themselves had to improve their acting.
World Trade Center - i still want to see this movie but i think that i will like it because it was sucha tragic event and i live for tragedies111
Girls Just Want to Have Fun - this movie was so good and also i loved Sarah Jessica Parker in this movie. is it not funny that you never really realize the GREAT movie s
I certainly have not recognized the GREAT movie Girls Just Want to Have Fun.
The Great Mouse Detective - such a ORIGINAL classic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She's pretty enthusiastic.
Peggy Sue Got Married - well i mean i have always liked older movies just because they are not as complicated as the movies now are.
This is mostly true if you're watching older movies like Peggy Sue Got Married and newer movies like Inception.
The American President - this was on t.v the other night and i thought that i would watch it but i fell asleep and i thought it was going to be good because......
i thought that i would review it but i fell asleep and i thought i was going to have some good opinions because......
You Only Live Twice - well i love the title because it sounds like some qoute
That's why Quantum of Solace didn't do so well. That doesn't sound like some quote at all.
Castle in the Sky - well know if it was inspired bu gullivers travels that is so a different story and i mean seriously.
OK, if anyone can decipher this one, you win.
Hamlet - wow what a classic and i even though i would not know i mean i think that it is. i mean people quote hamlet like macbeth and shakespeare and i mean when people do that it has to be a classic an di mean the really has to be a classic.
1) Jessie admits she has no idea what a classic is. But we've all known that for a long time.

2) Is she saying people quote Hamlet like they quote Macbeth and Shakespeare, or is she suggesting Macbeth and Shakespeare quote Hamlet frequently?
Earth Girls Are Easy - what exactly is that supposed to mean you aliens? not that i am mad or anything but i would really like to know!!!!!!!!
She's rated this movie as not seen and not interested. I looked at the movie synopsis to see if it said anything like "you aliens," but it didn't. Who exactly has she been insulted by?
Garfield as Himself - garfield is the only cat i like and i HATE cats. one time these two cats attacked me when i was like 6 and i was riding my bike. they came and started attacking my tires wheni parked my bike and it scared the hall-i-sin-ky out of me and although people say that they were just kidding and playing around i can never look at a cat the same again. you know why? because they never look at me the same. NOT ONCE> if you only knew how much that hurts. my deep facination for cats has officially been killed and i mean that in the best way possible.
A brief snapshot into Jessie's life.
The Little Vampire - so cute but his perfromance in Stuart Little is so much better and maybe it is just the age difference buti mean well if you actually have rated movies before you should know what i mean. RIGHT?
Why, yes. As someone who has rated movies before, I know exactly what you mean...
The Thing About My Folks - well it is about time i amgetting movies that i can actually relate to. i think thet this will TOTALLY and COMPLETELY be a LOL movie and i think that i would like it alot and that i will watch it again and again and laugh and laugh and YEA SO DO Not Judge me by my coments i am so what you think i am not... a little reverse phscology!!!!!
Well, we've been reverse psychologized, guys. Oh, wait. Reverse "phscologized." That word is hard to pronounce.
Mrs. Henderson Present - THIS LOOKS SO GOOD!!!!!! i mean it actually looks like one of those old widowing mocking egotistical stereotype movies but in a good way.
...I'm not sure I know of the "old widowing mocking egotistical" stereotype. Does that sound like a spam title to anyone else?

Guys, I only made it through like two pages of reviews. There were just so many incredibly bizarre ones in this batch. More for later, I guess!

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