Friday, May 17, 2013

I Am Not the Awesome Blogger I Hoped to Be

I was going to be so cool, guys.

I was going to write all these awesome blogs to be posted automatically over the next week, while I was off in Indiana visiting Jacob.

But then I didn't. For various reasons - it's been a tough week both physically and emotionally, and I just couldn't ever find it in me to write like five blogs at a time.

I do have some stuff for you, though, though I didn't write it fresh for you guys. :-)

What I have done is found old, pre-Blogspot blogs and I will be reposting those for you throughout the next week, through Monday the 27th. (I'll be back by then, but I'll have JUST gotten back, and, no, I won't be ready to write anything.) And then, since it'll have been three weeks since you got a Top 100 Showtunes post, and since we only have two left, my goal is to finish off the series on Wednesday the 29th and Friday the 31st.

Anyway. I hope you enjoy reading Posts From the Past this next week. I enjoyed finding them. I'll be back with a real blog in a couple weeks.

1 comment:

  1. I realize that your title is an allusion to your pre-scheduled blog plans having fallen apart but make no mistake: You're an awesome blogger.