Friday, October 18, 2013

The Quest for Skye: Chapter 15

Recap: Skye video chatted with Morgan, though nobody's really sure how or why since he didn't think he had any IMing or video chatting programs on his computer, and then there was an explosion which was probably her parents dying and so she signed off.

This is a super short chapter, but a fairly eventful one.

We pick up TWO MONTHS LATER. Morgan and Tammy haven't heard anything from Skye and their marriage continues to disintegrate.

Then, one day, a mysterious man shows up at the clinic.
The man stepped closer to Morgan’s wife. “Would you perhaps be Dr. Tammy Hamilton?”

The man represents Doctor Layland Leontiou (who, we the readers think, is dead). He asks them to be in Athens on Monday morning at nine. The man gives them an envelope that contains airfare and a $5000 check for each of them.
Morgan’s expression softened. “Lance Laskari? I recall a famous tennis player by that name. Would that be you?”
...What? I figured this guy was a lawyer. So either he's a famous-tennis-player-turned-lawyer or it's just a random famous tennis player delivering stuff for Doctor L. L. for no reason. We do learn that he broke his knee skiing and can't play tennis anymore, so maybe he's just decided to be the Leontious' personal messenger.

The guy hints that this involves their future and Skye's future but gets all sneaky and won't say any more than that. Then he leaves.

Morgan and Tammy try to call Doctor L. L. to find out what's going on, but they just get his voicemail. Morgan leaves a message asking what's up, and then a minute later they get a phone call from Doctor L. L.'s secretary, who is just as cryptic as Lance Laskari, and insists they be there Monday morning at nine. Then she hangs up.
Morgan immediately pushed redial, only to get a different recording. “I’m sorry. The number you dialed is no longer in service. If you feel this message is in error, please check the number and try again.”
That's right, they immediately disconnected that number. This is intense stuff.
“Morgan, we can’t just up and leave, we have jobs to do. Our clinic needs us!”
They can take off those two weeks to go sailing around and around the Panama Canal, but they freak out about taking a day or two off to go to Greece on what is apparently a legal matter? I think they can figure this out.
He picked up his check and ticket, examining them closely. “Who would send a couple two first-class round trip tickets to Greece, along with two checks for five thousand dollars? And why?”
Well, it seems Doctor Layland Leontiou would.

The questions now are: Are the Leontious actually dead? Because the first chapter hinted they were both still alive - maybe not Malinda, but Doctor L. L. was safely hidden behind a glass wall while everything was exploding. I'm currently kind of hoping that all the secrecy and awkwardness is because the Leontious got in major trouble for their unsafe scientific practices that killed a bunch of people, and now the Leontious are going to jail and because they killed all their friends, Morgan and Tammy are the only ones left to take care of Skye.

All right, now it's time for your theories.

(Chapter 16.)

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