Monday, October 14, 2013

Search Keyword Answer Time!

I haven't done one of these in awhile and had a pile of unusual search keywords and queries piling up on my computer, so I figured it was time to pull them out and respond to them. These are some of the things people were searching for when they stumbled across my blog.

#41 great song
This led them to my Top 100 Showtunes series, in which my #41 was "A Summer In Ohio" from The Last 5 Years. Let's just assume this answers their question. Yes, searcher, that song is the 41st greatest song of all time.

my boyfriend loves beetlejuice
Cool! Mine too! Let's be friends!

worship songs about contentment
worship somgs with contentment theme
Off the top of my head, "Blessed Be Your Name" is a biggie. But the first song I thought of was "Gratitude" by Nichole Nordeman. Not quite a worship song, but still a fantastic one. be willing to march into hell for a heavenly cause lyrics means
These are lyrics from the musical Man of La Mancha's great song "The Impossible Dream." Given the theme of the rest of the song, you'd think you'd be able to figure out these lyrics, but here goes: It's a metaphorical reference to being willing to undergo something awful and terrible (such as hell) to accomplish something good (such as a heavenly cause).

introverts at walmart
introvert going to walmart
We do go to Walmart. It's a nice place to go for introverts, I guess, because it's often pretty low on like... aggressive customer service, so nobody asks you if you need anything. That's cool.

introverts perceived as emotionally distant
introvert distance friends
I'm sure I've shared this story before on this blog, but I once had an acquaintance tell me, "You're an introvert because you're emotionally distant." I was a bit taken aback, and I said, "I'm not emotionally distant from people. I often like to be physically distant from people, but that's not the same." She responded, "But you're physically distant because you want to be emotionally distant." Sigh. Here's the thing. Introverts can be emotionally distant in the sense that they don't just like... spew their emotions all over everybody or open up easily to not-that-close acquaintances, but I'm often very open about my emotions with my friends or those who I feel actually want to listen. Like on this blog. Just because an introvert has not chosen to be emotionally close to you does not mean they are emotionally distant from everyone.

ghost and tbe darkness song dinodaur
I'm pretty sure The Ghost and the Darkness didn't have a song about a dinosaur, but the typo just made me think of the old home video we have where my then-3-year-old brother was marching around with his hand shaped into claws yelled, "I'M A BIG DINODAUR!"

introvert nightmare
People EVERYWHERE, all trying to talk small talk to you. Forever.

statuses about july
Apparently July is worthy enough to have a bunch of statuses of its own. I'm pretty sure I haven't written any, though.

introvert online
There are many. This seems to be our domain. So that's fun.

top 5 and bottom 5 moments in sweeney todd
That is really specific. I'm not going to answer this one, because it's been quite awhile since I last checked out any form of Sweeney, but if anyone wants to chime in with their favorites, go for it.

stonehenge movie
An entire movie all about Stonehenge? Stonehenge Apocalypse seems to be the best one. It's got Misha Collins in it, so that's nice.

shopping online is ideal for introverts
It really is.

lies about introverts "exhausted:
I'm not sure what this person is asking. Are they trying to find out whether people lie about introverts being exhausted? I'm sure that's an excuse I've used when I didn't want to socialize. "I'm exhausted" can mean either "I am very physically tired" or "I am very socially tired," and though I typically mean the second, it can be interpreted as the first. Though that's not a lie as much as it is just a convenient misunderstanding.

Speaking of being exhausted, my arthritic fingers are falling off and I am going to have to put the rest of these search keywords on hold for another day.

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