Monday, August 18, 2014

SONG Titles

So, I like my fun and creative friends.

I posted this on my Facebook last Wednesday:

I turned on caps lock accidentally and wrote the song title, "EVERYTHING I Do I Do It For You," which just sounds really passive aggressive. So now I'm thinking... what other song titles take on a different meaning if you put one of the words in all caps?

My friends and family members gleefully took on the challenge, and I wanted to share my very favorites with you all for anyone who didn't feel like sorting through all 110 comments on my page.

Let it GO!

MY Heart Will Go On

Can YOU feel the love tonight?

Kiss the GIRL

Have Yourself a Merry LITTLE Christmas

HOW Much Is That Doggy In the Window?

Mary HAD a Little Lamb...

If I Were a Rich MAN

I Get Along Without You VERY Well

What Child IS This?




ANOTHER One Bites the Dust

EVERYBODY Wants To Rule The World

MAKE 'Em Laugh

I COULD Have Danced All Night

We WILL Rock You

I KNEW You Were Trouble

ALL That Jazz

Twist AND Shout

Bibbidi Bobbidi BOO

I JUST Called to Say I Love You

WHY can't we be friends?

Little Birdhouse In Your SOUL


Feelin' GOOD

THERE Are Worse Things I Could Do


Hey Hey, WE'RE the Monkees!

I WILL wait for you

JESUS loves you

MY Way

Chime in and leave your own suggestions in the comments! Maybe I'll feature some in a future blog.

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