Friday, October 3, 2014

And My New Snark Series Is...

The Quest for Forgiveness.

Or, to more accurately reveal the really terrible title:
The Quest for Forgiveness: She was on a collision course with her past
Here we are, gang. Back to visit the wonderful world of Rothdiener.

Yes, after finishing A Quest for Skye (which I've just learned I've been titling incorrectly as "The Quest for Skye" -- whoops) I decided I had to go back and tackle this one at some point.

TQfF was the first Rothdiener book I read, and my less-than-thrilled review of it was what made my friend Travis offer to buy me the Skye book if I'd snark it on my blog. I agreed, and I did, and the rest is blog history.

It's been sometime since I read Quest for Forgiveness, and there are good chunks of it I can't remember. I do know that I found it much less obnoxious than Skye but just as silly. The main character is just as much a Mary Sue as Skye, but I hate her less, so that's a plus.

I'll jump full-on into this next week, but in the meantime, here is my favorite bit from the testimonials at the beginning.
Every gripping page will intrigue you as you read of a world-famous singer and her startling conversion to Christ. 
You will witness her at the Motion Picture Awards. You will fly with her to her island paradise and vacation on her private island. 
As you read these pages you will sit in a courtroom and witness an innocent man convicted for a crime he did not commit.
So... get ready to witness and fly and vacation and sit and witness, everyone.

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